[MC 1.1.0] Release v1.71

  • Just a quick test for the upcoming bugfix release, drop a short message if it works properly.

    Changes v1.60 -> v1.61
    - Fix language file (replace item.cropSeed-1.name by item.cropSeedInvalid.name)
    - Fix quantum suit recipes (iridium plates and nano suit parts were swapped)
    - Fix SMP GUI initialization
    - Fix achievement GUI NPE without ores
    - Fix Chainsaw breaking
    - Fix cells picking up oil as water
    - Make submodule error more user-friendly
    - Add Copper/Tin Ore to the achievement GUI even though generation is disabled
    - Add oreTungsten to the miner hitlist, recognized by some mods

    This might corrupt your worlds, create a backup before.

    Client: http://ic2api.player.to:8080/j…ustrialcraft-2-client.jar
    Server: http://ic2api.player.to:8080/j…ustrialcraft-2-server.jar

  • Not quite sure if it has been fixed yet,
    SMP , 1.70 , possibly with 1.71 , mfsu that is full , take input 512 , give output 512 , (net loss is 0) will not consider itself to be full in the mode : redstone signal if filled.

    Please ignore this floating platform with 10,000 solar panels. Nothing to see here.