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    You know, i'm still trying to pay up all the bills regarding hospital measures taken because of all the heart attacks my last "I'll drop IC1" joke caused. You shouldn't be doing this :O

    Technicly he said "I" not "We" , but i remember that like it was yesterday, you told them you weres topping ic1 development (just left out you were starting IC2) was hilarious

    *Cracks Knuckles* NO UPDATE FOR YOU!!! i have a theory... you deliberately ignored the "asking for an update" post, made an account just to be a troll because you think it makes you "clever" well if you get your jollys for being a rebel on forums id suggest go to reddit its the perfect place for loosers.... (also update pushed back by 1 further week due to the complete lack of respect by the OP)

    P.S. Update: The deadline is postponed by another week due to update request trigger

    I made 1 texture for the overclocker upgrade and would like to hear peoples opinions of it before i make the other 2 and release it to everyone

    what about a lil bit of colour? (personally i think it looks horrible)

    so making ti expensive wouldnt do anything? how about this...
    bare in mind we have unlimited item ids

    :Iridium: :Iridium: :Iridium:

    :Iridium: :Iridium: :Iridium: - Overclocker board

    :Iridium: :Iridium: :Iridium:

    :Copper Ingot: :Copper Ingot: :Copper Ingot:

    :Copper Ingot: :Alloy: :Copper Ingot: )copper = bronze (middle = adv alloy) ( = 1 overclocker CPU)

    :Copper Ingot: :Copper Ingot: :Copper Ingot:

    so with a combination of adv circuits norm circuits and the 2 items above, are u sure this wouldnt be to "cheap"? i think not...

    P.S. u guys are worse than the MC forums people complaining about bloody everything

    It doesn't cause an actual crash? Now, that's better, though i doubt it's intended to display stacktraces if BC is not installed. Gonna bug player about this one.

    thats correct only the part you said was fixed causes crash... kinda hoping that fix will be released soon... my world is broken cos im wearing nano suit and i really like my spawn point XD

    Second one already popped up and got "fixed". With the new version the error will point at the actual source of the issue (thus crash again with a different log, most likely).
    Can't say much about the first issue.

    first issue is easy... its because i dont have BC installed and it only shows up as an error when loaded through my crash report getter for minecraft

    your gona love this one.... the start is just because i dont have bc in i suspect.... but second ones a beauty