Bug: Electric JetPack continues to play sounds.

  • As I was walking around in my base, I accidently fell down my quarry shaft :pinch: my electric jet-pack was on my back, but it wasn't set to hover mode. At the last second I was able to switch, but my speed was too great to stop the fall, and I died. When I went back down, the jet-pack had continued to play the sound it makes when flying. Thinking I could fix it by logging out and back in, I decided to grab my stuff before I did. To my surprise, when I picked up the jet-pack, the sound stopped! Obviously this isn't intended behavior. All Items were made legitimately


    IC2 V 1.70b

    Buildcraft 2.2.12 all Modules

    Redpower 2.0pre4d

    Modloader 1.1

    Modloader MP 1.1


    NEI -Note- I did NOT spawn any Items, AT ALL.

    I5 2500K | 4GB Cosair Vengence | Radeon 6850 | Rosewill 600w PSU | GigaByte Z68MA | CM Elite 311 | Dell 19" 720p (upgrading soon!)| Hitachi 500 GB 7200 HDD | LG 24X |Windows 7 (Genuine!)
    Alblaka in a Lightning Rod suggestion thread...[/size]