[128x] and [64x] NP IC" texture pack Updated for [IC² 1.109]

  • Say hello to DeltaStrium
    As people know I have had to retire due to serious illness and lack of desire to continue my work. (tbh if i wanted to continue i would not be able to due to health reasons.) Thankfully My packs are being updated and maintained by DeltaStrium and they have been doing a great job o updating and maintaining my packs. Thank You DeltaStrium it means a lot to me to see you continue my work.

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    So whats wrong and is the illness really that bad
    Two things are wrong one I have no desire to work on my packs and secondly last year I was diagnosed with lung cancer. Sadly the lung cancer has been all over the place and the future is looking very slim for me. I am very weak and the chances of you hearing from me again in the future is very slim. So I just wanted to say goodby and take care all.