[Support Request] IC2 1.71 crashes during world load.

  • Hello! I backed up my .minecraft folder, deleted the old IC2 1.64 .jar file, downloaded and dropped into my MC jar folder the new Forge, downloaded and copied over the new IC2 1.71 .jar file, and Minecraft loads fine, no ID conflicts. I go to load up my test world and it goes to a black screen of death and crashes. I deleted my IC2/BC crossover mod (That would have been next to be updated) and Advanced Machines mods (also going to be updated next, why I was loading the test world not my main world) so those shouldn't have been effecting anything. I did save the output of the console window (I use a batch file to control how much memory Java uses) so I hope this helps you help me fix this. Thank you for your time.

    And as the file exceeds the message length, even with a Spoiler tag, the following Pastebin link is provided to that console window output.

    My Minecraft Batch Console Window Output

    Update: I deleted my IC2 config file and tried again, no luck, and I went over the old IC2 config with new to be sure no IDs got changed, same difference. Not loading up a world, and the last mod I updated was IC2 so logically it should be something I'm doing wrong with IC2. X( Help, anyone?

  • That's a BuildCraft issue...

    I didn't touch Buildcraft at all, didn't update, it's 3.1.3 already and that's the current version, didn't touch the configuration files, nothing, just updated IC2. It's also a save game issue, I was able to make a new world just fine, and I extracted the backed up world files from the RAR I put them into before touching IC2 (always back up before updating mods) and it still crashed. Odd... Very odd... *hmm* I'd say it would be the crossover mod but it's not even installed currently, so anything placed that is apart of the cross over should've despawned, and as it's a test world I really don't care if stuff like that does, it's just for testing purposes. *hmms* Let me continue to fiddle, any more information would be appreciated.

    Update : Got the Crossover and AM mods installed and working on the new world, and it still won't load up the old test world. From what I see even if I get the old test world working (and my old play world) I'll be having to NEI in a bunch of stuff because of how the Crossover changed between IB 0.05 and IB 0.06, with 0.05 it appended onto the BC engine IDs, so 4 new damage values added to block ID 161 for the 4 new engines so they would all be grouped together. In 0.06 they are their own block IDs. Still puzzling as I didn't touch Buildcraft at all, so it shouldn't be breaking, not with out reason. I just updated IC2 and the addons. X( Unless Forge did something to Buildcraft? Well, I'll go post over there too just to be safe. Thank you.