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    You know, the most annoying thing I find is having to swap between my Nano / Quantum body armor for fighting off hostile mobs, my bat / lap pack and jet pack (when I go mining) . Could you guys combine the three into one armor piece? Get the armor protection of Nano or Quantum with the tool energy providing of a lap / bat pack, along with flight when exploring ravines and stuff. It would be awesome. :D

    I noticed there is a lack of a few useful Redstone Modes for the Batbox, MFE, and MFSU. For example, emit if a certain percentage empty. So, for instance, I could put a feed back loop to a reactor. So an MFSU or MFE will emit a redstone signal until it's has 25% left in storage then it'll drop the redstone signal until full then again put one out until it's back to 25% empty, that would not only help with cooling, but it won't waste uranium. That's just an example, could put in other modes to do other things, right now it's pretty basic, heck, BC gates do more useful things, though it's BC 3 and that's not SMP yet, and not everyone uses BC so having some functionality of those in the energy storage blocks would be pretty helpful. :D

    This if what you need.

    But a two layers of RS is advise.

    Cool! Only 2? I learned nuclear engineering with MC Beta 1.8.1 and back then it was a full 4 layers with baffling for the holes needed for the cables and stuff. Though 2 would be easy enough, just have to remember a 7x7 center chamber, not 5x5, to give 3 extra layers of water, the 1 layer of water was the issue I had with my initial reactor design. I chose a Mark 3 that can barely run a cycle with out melting down. X( Thanks dude! :D

    You can't heat up breeder with so many parts to 9k "by reducing surrounding cooling". I think for OP best result will be using SUC breeder. It is not as simple as SUC reactor, because you have to balance coolant supply, but you only have to tune system once.

    Which, I am guessing, will take building a whole new reactor with a reinforced stone containment room, and the difficult thing is, the server I am on, Enderville mod server, doesn't have the MFF mod nor the thermometer mod so I have no idea on how hot the reactor is getting. :( Why I am looking for a simple design that'll hit that target number with out a lot of complicated fiddling. X(

    I currently have a SUC reactor, well, a design I stumbled into trying to fix the water evaporation problems turned it into a SUC. It's a good reactor, runs well, and, for a nuclear newb like myself, it's good, plug and play. Fill up the chest with ice and put in the cells, turn it on, and forget it, 3 hours later I have another 38 mil EU. Now, could I take this design


    and reconfigure my current reactor to that and make it a breeder? Or is there more to it? I haven't yet found a good Dummies Guide to Breeders video on Youtube. X( I know heat is apart of the equation but beyond that I know nothing about it. Thanks!

    having water, with source blocks at the roof and flowing everywhere else, everywhere inside the 7block³ radius is the best blastproof isolation anyway. if you build a RF stone cage around that, an explosion won't even destroy a single block of this cage. it's 9block³ big and still has a weak point where the cable comes out of it, but it's safest thing you can build. water in the 5block³ area isn't enough, since the generator tends to vaporate a water block exactly at the moment it's blowing up, destroying everything behind that weakpoint.

    7? Ok, must have learned reactor blast cage design that's old school. Back when I last built a reactor it was a 4 layer thick walled room of RF stone to contain a reactor with a one block of space between the walls and the reactor for water, along with a 3x3x4 layer thick pads where the cables pop though (red alloy wire to turn it on and off and the glass fiber to get power out). The SUC design seems to be working, semi watching it, there is enough ice bouncing around in the tubes to keep it at a stack of 64. But I'll expand on the chamber (I have my quantum armor finally, so working in a water environment isn't a problem. :D ) and add another two layers to the outside to compensate. Be tricky but doable. :D Thanks. :D

    Hah, well, it is better to put water source above reactor where it can't be evaporated, and let it flow everywhere around the reactor. This ensures constant cooling and you don't have to worry about evaporating water, since it gets replaced instantly. Read this Breeder evaporating blocks
    Good to know that someone does actually use my designs. ^^

    So your saying I need to dig out another layer or two of the ceiling and add more to the top of the containment wall to compensate? X( As I was tweaking with it and seemed to make it into a SUC, what ever that means, by replacing a cooling cell, just one, with ice. Though I am still pondering on how to make the ice, this SMP server doesn't have EE. X( Have a few strange ideas involving enslaving snow golems, we'll see how they work out on a test world (If that reactor blows I really don't care, it's a test world. :D ). Thanks for the quick reply. :D

    Well, not the reactor itself, but cooling. This design, which I got from this forum, works, it is a single cycle reactor as advertised, but it scares the hell out of me. The last bit of it's energy evaporates the water out of the 5x5x5 chamber the reactor sits in the middle of, runs a minute or two longer, then the uranium cells finally expire.


    Is there anything I might be doing wrong? I have a 13x13x13 cube of reinforced stone 4 layer thick so there is a 5x5x5 hollow spot in the middle where the reactor sits in the middle of that so there is a 1 block space between the reactor and the chamber wall, and there is water in every part of the chamber from ceiling to floor, I use the jet pack to fly around inside the chamber and if I find any pocket of air it gets a bucket of water dumped into it. I've gone over the design on one monitor with MC on the other and compared it component by component and it's laid out right, so I don't know if I'll be continually replacing the water every cycle or not. X( Anyone got any thoughts?

    Hi! I dropped the BCIC2Crossover (IB version since I am using Buildcraft 3.x ) into my mods folder, loaded up Minecraft, it crashed with an ID conflict. Ok, I *can* fix that, except when I opened up the BCIC2Crossover.cfg file in the /config folder it is a 0 byte totally blank file. O.o I even deleted it and retried, and same thing. :( Anyone have a copy of the config file so I can paste it in? Thanks!

    Here's an odd one. I am using Forge with IC 1.95B, loaded up fine, so I closed Minecraft, moved the block Ids for all the non-generated stuff (Left the ores and tree stuff in the 200s) up to the 400s and Minecraft loads fine, create a new world, and peek at NEI and see my machines are all now tiles that can't be placed in world. WTH? O.o I read that with Forge includes not only Modloader / Audiomod but the 4096 bug fix so this should be working in theory, what did I break? O.o

    Edit: Ok, updated to Forge and that fixed it. X( I went off of the version on Minecraft Forge which shows as the latest recommended build. Finally dug out the Jenkins link which shows as the latest recommended. So... Thanks guys! :D

    Now, the wiki page


    Says, for the Irrigation Blueprint

    "Replaces sand with dirt, grows grass on top of dirt, causes plants to grow faster, lets sugar cane grow past 3 blocks and rarely spawns water below the Terraformer. Takes 8 EU/t."

    In practice, from a test on a test world, the Terraformer is taking all the EU it can get it's hands on, which, in this case, is an MFE, so 128EU/t, not 8 EU/t ... Is the Wiki not up to date or am I doing something wrong?

    Hi! I've been playing the Feed the Beast map and just did a worksheet on the MV Solar Array costs, as in materials needed to make one. Is anyone math-magically inclined enough to see if I didn't forget anything? I just hope it's clear enough how I progressed downward breaking up each component into it's raw materials until I could add it all up. It's pretty scary. X(

    yes, it's cheating. Having EE installed horribly breaks the balance of all other mods.

    Given how horribly long it takes to make end game stuff because it's horribly expensive doesn't unbalance anything. It makes some things easier, but, to really break things would take you a lot of work, hours and hours and hours of playing, to get anywhere near a level that would be considered broken. Nothing like the nano armor that takes no damage and lets me take a creeper explosion to the face and can be built in the first few hours of a new world. X(

    The biggest issue that most people have with stryker is that he didn't get permission from zippinus and I'm pretty sure zipp would not want upgrades to work in the machines. He nerfed the machines cause the friggin IC devs say its OP but who are they to tell us what mods we can and can't use who cares if they think its OP, in my opinion I don't think it is but thats my opinion just like being OP is theirs.

    I just don't like that he didn't get permission. CPW on the other hand did. I trust cpw to keep mods true to their original form just like the iron chest mod but he made even more stuff for it that actually stays true to it and is quite cool. /endrant

    Well, mod devs can actually. I've heard of, and seen in one thread, where Eloraam pretty much got a mod pulled as it was a IC2 to Bluetricity converter and she didn't like that. X(

    /startrant That, honestly, I found annoying. I hate running two entirely separate power systems under the floor of my sorting / storage room, one for the retrievers / sorters and one for the IC2 machines. Kinda like "They're separate but equal" when power is power, it's not separate just equal so I should be able to plug it all into the same generation system. It's like running your house with one plug for AC and one for DC. The machines that need DC have a converter inside of them, that's your computer power supply, the power boards in your DVD players, etc. Bingo, that's what's need to be in Bluetricity machines. :( /endrant

    there is always the other AM addon -> http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=5077 (the new old AM not the old old AM yes it is confusing)

    Sweet! *Downloads* I don't want to diss AS here, everyone has their own ideas for how a mod should go, so options are nice. Personally I hated dealing with overclockers. The only machine I put overclockers into is the Recyclers, it needs like 5 to handle the incoming load of a Quarry running with 3 combustion engines. If there was an AM version of that, that would be awesome. :D Thanks again. :D

    I literally registered for the first time just now after lurking and using mods/addons from this site for... I don't even know how long... Since I first started playing minecraft i think...? Well anyway, I just finally registered to thank you for bringing the TRUE advanced machines back instead of an abomination with a stolen title.

    Thank you.

    Agreed. No warning on the download page, just a warning buried in the change log. I log in after updating 3.4 to 3.7 and boom! X( Will the 3.7 (the 'knock off' AM mod) config file work with this?

    Edit: It will but the Extractor looks like a pink block when it's turned off, when it's on it's fine. So I'll have to write down the Block ID #s and delete the config and let it regenerate a new config file, and modify the Block IDs to match, just so it can find the right textures for the Extractor. :D

    Someone needs to read the changelog:

    Someone needs to put that on the front page, even a brief "Warning! Disconnect existing machines before upgrading from 3.4 to 3.5 or later or they'll explode!" or something like that above the download links. X( And why the nerf? The whole reason behind the AM, after the overclockers were introduced, was to get away from the whole overclocker mess. :( So how many overclockers will I need to return to old 3.4 and earlier speeds?

    Ok, I'm confused here. I updated from v3.4 to v3.7 for IC 2 1.71 (MC 1.1) and my Rotary Macerator and my Centrifuge Extractor explode like a minute or two after I logged into my world. O.o Both were happily feeding on MV in v3.4, did that change for v3.7? As the Singularity Compressor is just fine on MV, so I am not sure why the Centrifuge Extractor and Rotary Macerator went kablewie. O.o

    Edit: Ok, replaced both with NEI, exploded again, replaced both with transformer upgrades, good but once I put the lever back on the Singularity Compressor exploded. It was fine until it started to wind up. X( So all three now have transformer upgrade chips. X( Only the Induction Furnace (vanilla IC2) can run on MV with out the upgrades, oy. O.o