New Idea for Electricity Production!

  • Hi there guys

    I have been researching a type of electricity which occours naturally in our earth and its called Piezoelectricity. basicly when u bend something it makes electricity so... if u have a small plate of metal wired up to a lightbulb it is possable that it will make electricity. ( This guy explains it a bit better :P you can use crystals of tourmaline, quartz, topaz, sugarcane, and Rochelle salt (sodium potassium tartrate tetrahydrate). Quartz and Rochelle salt exhibited the most piezoelectricity (+ Quartz FYI is the 2nd most abundant mineral in the earths crust). maybe add a couple of these crystals into the mod and use them for a bit more stuff.

    I was thinking of a machine with a recapie like this:

    :Iridium: :Miner: :Iridium:

    :Iridium: :Energy Crystal: :Iridium:

    :Advanced Circuit: :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Circuit:

    :Iridium: =Iridium plate or advanced alloy

    :Miner: =Electrolyzer

    :Energy Crystal: = Quartz or some Crystal

    others are just the same!

    Well i hope u like my idea guys and im happy to take suggestions and feed back and hopefully Alblaka will like my idea :)

  • Piezo devices convert kinetic energy (movement) into electrical energy (a spark). It's the technology used in click-type cigarette lighters, gas matches etc. The trouble is the amount of force required for the amount of electricity generated is quite large. This is why we're still burning coal in most parts of the world. Of course this is a game but it seems the IC2 team do like to keep some semblance of reality around.

    The team have previously made it clear that there is no such thing as free electricity. Even if the initial cost is high. So we'd need to figure some way to convert movement into electricity. Only way I can think of would be a special pressure plate. Individually, like the other unattended generators, they would produce very little. But if you laid down a grid of tin cable, put a layer of piezo plates down, THEN fenced off the area and brought your sheep in...

    It's environmentally sound, although the amount of methane your livestock produces may not be. It would be a pain to set up and it'd be noisy as heck with all those animals jumping up and down!

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    Efficiency 3, 50% duty cycle. SMP friendly. Alternate two of them slowly with an rp2 sequencer for a steady 120 EU/t.