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    Hi folks,

    I'm running industrialcraft-2-2.6.1-ex110 and I'm wondering on the operating range/radius for the Miner and Advanced Miner. The various wikis around mention 5x5 and 9x9 but I suspect those may be out of date. The OD and OV scanners report Range 6 and Range 12 respectively. Does this affect use in the Miner, or only handheld?

    Would someone in the know please confirm the radius of the Miners in this version of IC2?



    I've added IC2exp and uncomp to the current version of Infinity. NEI is showing the uncomp recipes however they're not working. The IC2exp recipes do work.

    Any suggestions?



    IC² deals with science not "magical" stuff from vanilla MC. but that is a valid suggestion.

    It does, but the fact is that these items exist in the world. UU-Matter is a "sufficiently advanced technology" so I think it's reasonable that you could make anything that you can get in-game and a few others (like water and fire tiles) using UU.

    I'd also like to see UU combined with other items for interesting results. Not sure what interesting might be though :)

    I too, draw the line at the bottle of xp. The purpose of those is so that people in creative mode can enchant items.

    I think Alblaka's stance on this kind of suggestion would be "Nullum gratuitum prandium", there is no free lunch. Simply, a machine, no matter how expensive to build, will not provide a
    meaningful amount of energy without Work or Risk. So before anyone
    starts coding, consequences need be agreed upon.

    * Solar only works when the sun is up - output is low
    * Wind needs you to climb very high and has a chance of exploding - output is low
    * Water needs to be widely spaced and risk of drowning to set up a lot of them - output is low
    * Generators need you to feed them which requires work
    * Geotherms have finite fuel and need you to collect it
    * Nuclear is resource hungry to build and has risks of explosion or low output

    I think SimCity got it right. If you want to beam power from space, there's a risk that the satellite will be bumped by a micrometeorite and the beam will carve a great scar across the landscape. In MC terms, a ravine cut after initial chunk generation with various TNT effects at either end where the beam was shallow. I'd love to see this, though I'd be annoyed if my Fortress of Solitude happened to be in the path of the beam. I expect it would also be a bitch to code :)

    With that tether, you've effectively got a high powered wind generator :)
    Bug cpw about adding Compact Windmills to his Compact Solars mod!

    (If my message have too much bitching in it, its because i have 24 hrs+ awake, that kind of thing gets your mood pretty sour)

    You must do this a lot because almost every post you make here is sour and derogatory.

    Don't put people down for being creative or even for expressing ignorance. A 'stupid idea' might just turn out to be the seed for something wonderful. If people are repeatedly idiots then sure, bitch slap em. But like your momma said, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

    Piezo devices convert kinetic energy (movement) into electrical energy (a spark). It's the technology used in click-type cigarette lighters, gas matches etc. The trouble is the amount of force required for the amount of electricity generated is quite large. This is why we're still burning coal in most parts of the world. Of course this is a game but it seems the IC2 team do like to keep some semblance of reality around.

    The team have previously made it clear that there is no such thing as free electricity. Even if the initial cost is high. So we'd need to figure some way to convert movement into electricity. Only way I can think of would be a special pressure plate. Individually, like the other unattended generators, they would produce very little. But if you laid down a grid of tin cable, put a layer of piezo plates down, THEN fenced off the area and brought your sheep in...

    It's environmentally sound, although the amount of methane your livestock produces may not be. It would be a pain to set up and it'd be noisy as heck with all those animals jumping up and down!

    I suggested a month or so ago redstone cables like the rp2 redstone tubes. Alblaka responded "No, I'm not going to copy another mod." and locked the thread. Classy :)

    Interestingly, Eloraam is on the record as saying she doesn't have a problem with people copying.
    She speaks specifically of how IC2 and RP2 have copied each other and says "it’s worth noting that the back-and-forth there has made both mods better."

    Personally I think cables capable of carrying EU power and a redstone signal would be wonderful things. They'd make wiring Tesla coils much, much smarter and resource efficient. Also it'd make sense to be able to shunt the "MFSU full" signal back to the Reactor core down the same cable that feeds it.

    I do hope Al and the team reconsider this idea.

    I am having the same problem. I try using wrench to dismantle a batbox and it just kept rotating the output face. No matter what I did. Lossless mode didn't help either. :(

    Occasionally I get that; a restart of my client fixes it.
    I think it may be related to the "stuck shift key" bug.

    The only time I've seen the jar corrupt error is when MANIFEST in the META folder is corrupted somehow.

    Try testing one thing at a time.
    Backup your vanilla 1.1 server jar
    Add ModloaderMP.
    Test it.
    Back it up to a different name.
    Add Forge.
    Test it.

    Back it up to a different name.

    Shouldn't be anything else you need to add to the jar file.

    How have you been collecting your ore thus far? Yes. Placing a chest next to your miner is a Good Thing. In fact I recommend a double chest.
    Place your miner on level 64. Place a pump next to it. Put Empty Cells in the top slot of the pump.
    Place a double chest to touch both the miner and the pump
    Put in your OV scanner, 64 mining pipes and your drill.
    Wait until it's finished mining.
    Put a stack of cobble in where the mining pipes go
    NOW remove your drill and OV
    The miner will backfill the hole with cobble as it pulls out the mining pipes.
    NOW you can move the miner, pump and chests to the new spot.

    I also suggest you carry some yellow wool or some Bricks with you when you're moving your miner(s). Place the wool or brick where the miner was and you'll have an easily-spotted marker where you've already been. Makes it very easy to ensure you aren't missing any turf.

    I feel it's good because it means Mojang is actively seeking to improve the environment for community-generated content aka mods. Bringing the bukkit team in house is a logical and expected move because they have done some great things for the SMP game. If Mojang are smart, they'll also invite a couple of the meta-developers like SpaceToad and Eloraam on board. Forge and the ore dictionary have become as fundamental to modding as the game itself.

    I like the idea, too.

    Kinda goes against the idea of scaffolding in a way. Some might say "If you want it to to behave like sand, use sand." but that overlooks the really nice feature of scaffolding cleaning up after itself when you knock out the bottom block.

    Would need a second block type (or damage code for the existing scaffold block)
    A shift+rightclick to place in Gravity mode would be bad since shift is used to stop yourself falling when placing blocks.
    Yeah, M+rightclick would be OK (although I'd rather see a different key used since Rei's map default is M for Map).
    Identical texture.

    Budi may not be aware that you can dip stackable Empty Cells :Empty Cell: directly into the lava to create stackable Lava Cells :Lava Cell: . I only learned this myself a few weeks ago!

    Personally I'd love a relatively simple way to drain a lava lake. It seems the simplest way at the moment is to use a Miner with a Pump attached. That will suck up a 9x9 hole in a lava pool, as deep as it will go. I have that set up in the nether at the moment (in a ghast-proof bunker). I went a step further and have it powered by a geotherm that's fed by an RP2 filter that pulls from the output chest.

    We already have tools that dramatically simplify the tasks of gathering resources. Many people would consider macerators, chain saws and mining drills as being horribly overpowered. So "we don't need it" isn't a valid argument. You don't have to use them.

    The trouble I see with Budi's idea is that you already have a 4 block reach with the empty cell. I suspect it would be difficult or even impossible to create a hand-held item that could vacuum up lava from longer ranges.