[Bug 1.71]: Trade o mat shows other items in the right slots

  • Hi,

    Im new to this forum and this is my first post. Please, excuse me if I write something wrong.

    I have searched for this bug and nothing found.

    When I set a trade-o-mat, with input sand and output cobblestone, i can see it right, but the rest of players didnt. They see another items and their inventary gets randomly mixed. They can take the items of both slots, upper right and botton right. They see nothing on the left slots. When they get out of trade o mat and pick something on their inventory, then invetory get ordered as they have before joining trade o mate.

    Sorry about my english, its not my first language.

    Im using IC2 1.70 with BC 2.2.12. Lasts versions of modloader and forge.

    Thank you

  • My users also report seeing this issue on my server; though I just found out about it within the last week and have been very busy.