[Tutorial] Time Gated Nuclear Reactors

  • I'll just copy/paste the entire youtube description here, plus add this link:



    Brief intro to lossless wrench mode; though I forgot to say that there are some items with 0% loss rate which you aren't charged the lossless use fee for; miners/pumps, transformers, storage units if I recall correctly.

    The main star of this however is the gated IC2 nuclear reactor. Controlled by carefully timed redstone signaling, it stays cool while pumping out 460 eU/t for about 4 seconds out of 64; in other words about 28.75 eU/t average. This is perfect for running a fully upgraded miner (assuming you have correct transmission lines or your server admin was nice enough to enable lapotronic discharge in the miners).

    Resource links:
    An old thread with my various gated reactor designs:

    The updated design of the one in question:
    http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…iarcz57ql1hfhysbbbjj7nb5s ( 2yu54svy3ges5q7pt6dh3l3iarcz57ql1hfhysbbbjj7nb5s )

    Redstone circuit diagram that I started with:

    Also, sorry the re-dubbing sounds different. I should have been more careful while recording/mastering it but the over-dub effect oddly fits as well. ;)