Suggestion: Construction Foam Egg.

  • this is basically my idea running with the CFoam Gun. if the Gun isn't a idea people want to run with then how about since we seem to be going with Throwable Foods... how about CFoam Eggs. you would simply combine 1 CFoam Pellet with 4 eggs and they would be a throwable version of a CFoam Sprayer, basically the complete opposite of a stick of Dynamite :D

    "the more people i kill, the better the chances are that i got the right one" ~Goblin Assassin: MtG

  • oh man... calm down :DD enough of ideas xD your going crazy about that.
    I reject this idea. CFoam gun is much better and have a lot of reasons why to implement it to ic2. and this? idk :D maybe only for that war pack :D it sounds awsom :D throuwing CF egg into someones base :D he logs in and he is stuck in it or he cant get back into his base :D or through it on enemys solar panels :DD haha :D