Alblaka, the Author [READ FIRST]

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    As already mentioned in this blog-post, I'm a hobby author for Fantasy novels.
    Early on, most of my works are German-only, but quite all of my "recent" storys are English and thus can be published here. And I seriously dunno why I didn't drop them in here before.

    All storys uploaded in this section will be my English ones, or, if popular interest is high enough, translated versions of my older German novels.
    I'll attac the storys via the board, as zipped RTF-documents, assuming there are enough free tools to read such files.

    In case you're interested in the few German novels I have published, please check this forum:
    It's a sort of inactive RPG-forum hosted by me and Fean, but all the links and descriptions are still fine enough in regard of the storys.

    Don't be worrier, I'm not exactly spending much time writing (to the dismay of a few fans of mine, who loved my first book and are still waiting for a sequel), IC² won't suffer from it.

    My English for sure isn't the best, but I consider it "readable" enough to be writing storys with it.
    Feel free to PM me about serious grammar/understanding issues, but just drop the smaller and irrelevant punctuation/spelling ones.

    If you got any sort of public discussion about any of the storys, please create/post-in threads within the Discussion section, not the main-one.

    Feel free to support me via donations, I'm more and more appreciating money helping me and my family to finance studies.

    Every sort of written content posted (as post or in form of attachments) by me, Alblaka, in this section is intellectual property by me and may not be redistributed, used, modified or copied past the original intent of reading.