Accidently upgraded to 1.2.5 :(

  • As the Topic suggests I started minecraft (after just getting up) and well I hit the the update button in a kind of "braindead mode" so now I'm stuck with a MC 1.2.5 without IC² X(

    Anyone out there who would be as friendly to upload me a vanilla 1.2.4 (already with IC² etc also apreciated :D )?
    As the hits im getting in google are well lets call then "suspicious" :huh:

    And of course I did not have a backup to complety safe the day :cursing:

    If that request is in any way inapropriate feel free to delete this post. :S

  • Thank you very much :)

    btw should I still use the 0.67 version of MC forge or the 0.68?

    ok minecraft is crashing with both seems to be a corrupted dl -.- as i cant even read the error log as it instantly evaporates like a bukket of water in the nether *grr*

  • All Jeb would have to do is, not change any obfuscated class names. Then updates would become WAY faster, MCP wouldn't even have to update. Only time mods would have to actually 'update' is when Jeb edits a class that the mod uses.