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    Copper conducts heat very well... Why not just modify copper cables to double as heat cables? Perhaps the loss over distance would be much greater than with electricity.

    1000 other mods add tanks. If iou want an IC2 tank so badli, do a small IC2 addon for that.

    I don't understand the logic behind this. I used to play Industrialcraft 1 and 2 by itself with no additional mods. Now it seems that in order to use certain machines or functions you pretty much have to have an automation mod installed. It's pretty disappointing as sometimes I don't want all the items and baggage the other mods have, I just want to enjoy the "vanilla" IC2 experience. I shouldn't be forced to install user-made addons JUST to make the mod function at a basic level.

    I think you should have to craft memory crystals by hand in order to make the Iridium... perhaps instead of a crystal memory copy of it, or an actual piece of it, how about some sort of experimental alloy? Perhaps you'd have to run this alloy through the Thermal Centrifuge to separate out the small Iridium Sample which you could make a Crystal Memory of.

    It might help contribute to the lore of IC2 as well (since you're sort of rebuilding civilization with your vast knowledge of physics and engineering). And IC2 I think could really use some sort of background story (that isn't too in your face).

    I know ore has impurities, but the ore washer creates "purified ore", which I guess is still not pure metal dust, but the only real reason I see for them adding that is so it costs a bit more power and adds a few steps to the bronze making process.

    On a side note, I hope they flesh out the 2nd tier a bit more. Right now it's better to dive right into a MFE since it just costs 4 diamonds and a few pieces of gold.

    Nope. Luminators have 10000 UE capacity. They consume 0,25 EU/tick, and spent all this energy in 33,3 minutes.

    I want luminator switch on and switch off when I use a lever or a button (with 0 EU capacity)

    I am agreeing with you. My only concern is that the reason for the internal storage is to prevent the luminators from flickering and creating a ton of lag.

    Firstly, I just want magnetizers to work properly again. I tried playing on the latest (348 i think) and they still peter out and stop working after a second, and then dont work again even if I replace the rail and magnetizer >.>

    That being said, people have for a long time wanted either a flush Magnetizer block, or to be able to have the magnetizer on the side of the rail.

    I want to be able to place rails horizontally (like how wires work) and zip along them with my metal boots! Lol. +1 if its ridiculously fast like running on Aether quicksoil (on which i can run so fast the server gives errors)

    This would be useful as an alternative to the solar helmet for charging your jetpack.

    However, I do not think it should be craftable into a placeable generator, if only because the generator is already as cheap as it can get, and gets you a lot of power generation with only a small amount of time invested in harvesting wood.

    How come when I right click a Gregtech machine block with a steel plate, the plate attaches to the machine as an upgrade and I can no longer right click the machine from the side I placed the steel plate on? Is this a feature, or a bug?

    Additionally, how do I get the promised 1 million stored EU in the thermal generator? If I put in a cell I have to pull out all of the power from the generator before it will accept another, a HUGE downgrade from the geothermal generator, but I have a feeling this functionality is not intended because it makes no sense.

    Yes, it is just steel plates. And if you just have IC2 and Gregtech, you can use a large and complicated scrap system since Scrapboxes can drop sand, although not exactly "commonly". But why would you disable certain biomes? Most are needed for specific things.

    Well I finally got Lapiz and therefore a macerator, but we are playing in infdev Hell map which we have discovered harbors no sand, only dirt, stone, gravel, & lava on the surface.

    Also now I have another problem - I would like an Electric Wrench, but that recipe is also unavailable and I don't see a logical recipe for it involving steel. I'm really surprised these (incredibly important) recipes are not in either of the wikis and also not in the recipes .png! Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Can someone confirm the recipe IS like the normal drill, but just with steel? And do I need steel plates, or steel ingots, or either?

    Also Greg, thanks for the explanation, I just noticed that I cannot get info any any tool that is made with RE-Batteries, except for the Batpack (which isn't a handheld tool anyways).

    And, finally, I'm playing with Better World Generation and there is no sand in the world. Is there any way for me to get glass before I get a macerator? (I want a Geothermal generator!)

    I'm new to Gregtech, and I was wondering if there is any way to get recipes added in either the wiki or the NEI plugin for crafting the mining drill & chainsaw. I've heard that it has steel but I am not sure if the recipe shape is otherwise the same or not.


    Due to this thread I am creating this suggestion for anyone wanting to make a fancy mod.

    In case you haven't figured it out, this mod would essentially be a warfare-enhancing mod, making a new type of Quantum suit that takes the appearance of the Nanosuit from Crysis. This suit would increase your base movement speed, jump height, damage output, and have toggle-able invisibility.

    In addition to the Nanosuit from Crysis 3, also added would be the the weaponry, most important of which is the fancy compound bow. Like Risugami's Arrows mod, it would be able to fire multiple arrows (Explosive, Electric, Incendiary, and standard), but it would also offer different power settings and therefore much higher power and accuracy over the standard bow. Obviously, it isn't cheap. The most important part of the Bow would have to be the ability to recover standard arrows 100% from enemies. Perhaps the arrow can just be placed on the ground after striking an enemy, for simplicity.

    A few things I'd like to see are EMP grenades that renders *all* electrical armor useless for a few seconds (but the grenades are highly visible and do not work through walls), the JAW missile launchers, and a Scar or Typhoon would be a nice touch.

    Maybe I should just learn Java so I can make this... hmm...

    I am so stoked for this mod. For me the older version was all about getting that fusion reactor online. What an accomplishment! And it was much more fun to operate than a stinky old nuclear reactor (at least, before Alblaka reworked the mechanics).

    If we can get some cool sound effects I imagine this new future stuff can be awesomesauce. I'd expect something like thisfor the gauss rifle.

    We're super stoked for your mod, Kentington, and we totally understand that work & home life comes before games, so please take your time and make sure everything is set before you come finish the mod.

    Lava backpack would be awesome for griefing peoples homes in SMP.

    How about a water pack with multiple modes, such as single point, line, and fill? Fill would rapidly fill a pool up to the height level of the block you are right clicking on, starting close and working its way outward.

    This should go into a survival mod, perhaps with an extension to include the Fridge if you have IC2 installed as well. As it is I dont think Alblaka wants to make too many changes to the base code of Minecraft, but this mod would require it (I believe).