AUST & NZ | 24/7 | MINECRAFT [dedicated] [nothing disabled] [greif protection] [Tekkit]

  • Hello people of tekkit! im pilot737 and i would like to introduce a new Australian & new zealand minecraft server! Here is a table of contents.

    1. Goals
    2. Rules
    3. Plugins
    4. Specs / pings
    5. Fourms
    6. Admins/Mods
    7. Ranks
    8. Donations
    9. Ip connection infomation
    10. Pictures

    1. Goals
    The Goals of this server is to provide a family like community for its players, by giving them the rights to do... well anything they can think of. The server is currently being Admined by the friendly admins of Sons Of Valour to provide a greif / hate free enviroment for its players.

    2. Rules
    That being said here are some rules.
    #1 No Griefing
    #2 PvP is on please don't abuse it.
    #3 Keep swearing to a minim please.
    #4 No Duping/Glitches please.
    #5 No asking for ranks/day/items
    #6 Have fun and make friends!

    3. Plugins
    Here is the allways expanding plugin list
    Chestshop, coreprotect, falsebook, firstjoinplus, foundDiamonds, iConomy, Ihelp, iZone, jail, mcMMO, MobBounty, simpleprefix and LWC

    Tekkit version 2.1.1

    4. Pings

    Predicted pings

    Australia: 20-300
    New Zealand: 100-300
    North America: 400-500
    England: 600-700
    Germany: 1000+

    5. Fourms
    Thats right there is a fourm!
    But first the fourm rules

    1. Dont spam posts
    2. Dont be a fourm troll (we allready got one)

    Fourm link: NOT READY

    6. Admins/Mods

    Head Admin / Owner : pilot737
    Admin: Carebear19 [~voltstriker9]
    Admin: ZeRoX86
    Admin: MacheteMetal117[~Machete
    Admin: Astin8
    Moderator: Slatometa2[~Agent_North223]
    Moderator: [Empty]
    Moderator: [Empty]

    7. Ranks

    Currently there are only 3 ranks

    8. Donations
    Donations are allways needed to make the server bigger and better.
    If you do want to donate just ask a Mod or admin.

    9. IP ADDRESS:

    10. Pictures

    Here is some picture of the place

    Here is a overall picture of spawn

    Some key places at spawn
    Free to use machine rooms

    The BanYard

    Communty Notice Board

    And finally
    The spawn Room

    Thanks for your time


  • No Tekkit servers are allowed on this website. Its best if you were to post it somewhere else besides this place because every once in awhile al will come in and removed all the tekkit threads so yeah best to post it in the tekkit forums ok so yeah.