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    Hello there kind sir!

    I am pilot737 and i would like to apply for your server, My age is 16 years old, and i have played minecraft for little than a year. I come from the battlefield gaming clan called Sons Of Valour and we would like to do a lets play on a no-lag server that features all the mods we love, here is the usernames of the other guys (will apply later)



    My ign is : pilot737

    Thanks for considering us.

    Youtube name: Sons Of Valour clan
    Youtube Channel('s) (URLS):
    Video released per week: The video count will be one a day (currently doing DayZ lets play)
    Avg view count per video: 28 But dont forget what starts out small can grow very quick

    Age: 15

    Tell in about your lets plays or what you plain on doing: We plan on providing a entertaining lets play for people, and with the power of a clan we provide that with entertaining convos, entertaining game play and most importantly we do what other dont normall do. For example in the most recent episodes of the DayZ lets play i decided to get to work making a dayZ game show where we pick up new players and take them out to a secret location and quiz them. Loser get a bullet to the head, winner gets a bullet to the head. And because we are a clan we can provide the viewer with multiple shows and or lets plays at once ( currently im the only one). And one more note, if you do decide to open your server up to sons of valour would you be ok with 10 fellow clan mates joining?

    *edit* If you do decide to take in Sons Of Valour we allready have a client with all the mods ready to roll, just need configs.


    Hello people of tekkit! im pilot737 and i would like to introduce a new Australian & new zealand minecraft server! Here is a table of contents.

    1. Goals
    2. Rules
    3. Plugins
    4. Specs / pings
    5. Fourms
    6. Admins/Mods
    7. Ranks
    8. Donations
    9. Ip connection infomation
    10. Pictures

    1. Goals
    The Goals of this server is to provide a family like community for its players, by giving them the rights to do... well anything they can think of. The server is currently being Admined by the friendly admins of Sons Of Valour to provide a greif / hate free enviroment for its players.

    2. Rules
    That being said here are some rules.
    #1 No Griefing
    #2 PvP is on please don't abuse it.
    #3 Keep swearing to a minim please.
    #4 No Duping/Glitches please.
    #5 No asking for ranks/day/items
    #6 Have fun and make friends!

    3. Plugins
    Here is the allways expanding plugin list
    Chestshop, coreprotect, falsebook, firstjoinplus, foundDiamonds, iConomy, Ihelp, iZone, jail, mcMMO, MobBounty, simpleprefix and LWC

    Tekkit version 2.1.1

    4. Pings

    Predicted pings

    Australia: 20-300
    New Zealand: 100-300
    North America: 400-500
    England: 600-700
    Germany: 1000+

    5. Fourms
    Thats right there is a fourm!
    But first the fourm rules

    1. Dont spam posts
    2. Dont be a fourm troll (we allready got one)

    Fourm link: NOT READY

    6. Admins/Mods

    Head Admin / Owner : pilot737
    Admin: Carebear19 [~voltstriker9]
    Admin: ZeRoX86
    Admin: MacheteMetal117[~Machete
    Admin: Astin8
    Moderator: Slatometa2[~Agent_North223]
    Moderator: [Empty]
    Moderator: [Empty]

    7. Ranks

    Currently there are only 3 ranks

    8. Donations
    Donations are allways needed to make the server bigger and better.
    If you do want to donate just ask a Mod or admin.

    9. IP ADDRESS:

    10. Pictures

    Here is some picture of the place

    Here is a overall picture of spawn

    Some key places at spawn
    Free to use machine rooms

    The BanYard

    Communty Notice Board

    And finally
    The spawn Room

    Thanks for your time


    Ok lets start again.
    I did not show you the bug, slatometa2 did why did you not ban him, oh wait you like to take sides.

    Also look at this post that looks like your mature well lets check my pm's, oh wait look at this rude message you sent me \/

    "Seriously, you are an ass hole.

    Just so you know, Slatometa2 showed me that bf3 server you where on. He told me that I can play on it when ever I want. Then for you to tell me to fuck off?... Then threaten me by saying if a member wants to join your going to kick me out.
    Seriously... I knew that you where duping items on my MC Server the whole time. Don't try and deny that, but because you where not really effecting anybody I let it slide, but because of what you said to me on your bf3 server. That's why you where banned.
    I allowed you on my server and I even let you get away with doing your duping bug. Then you go ahead and treat me like shit when I come on your server.

    I deleted everything you had on my server. If you want to come back you must start fresh, and If I catch you duping anything again I'm seriously going to ban you.

    I'm not an ass hole, but when you want to call me one, and encourage me to be one. Then I can be a total ass to you.

    Your attitude must also dramatically change. I don't care if you insult me in a joking matter, but when you cross that line and you personalize your insult towards me. Actions will be dealt appropriately"

    There is three key points i want to point out here.

    1. I left minecraft for battlefield 3 to get away from you being a asshole, then i sign in to a server BAM your there, please don't lie too you and slato were working as a team to troll like why would some one who lives half way around the world play on a 200+ ping server.

    2. I did not call you an asshole, i told you that i felt you were acting like a asshole and making my time on the server a pain.

    3. And now you asked if i want to come back. You know what the answer is NO!, the way you acted i will never go on your server again.

    Have fun trolling new members and tnt'ing there house, then banning them after they have asked you to stop.

    -kyle (pilot)


    This Server is not worth your time, here are some reasons...

    1. The op (timmie) is very inmature and with out warning changes your name then teleports you to your house with Tnt in it.

    2. The op (timmie) tends to give "perks" to people at others expense.

    3. The whole time i was there the op (timmie) was being extreamly rude in his comments to me, the way he treated me and my creations.

    4. I have spent three days on the server buliding a new house .ect and it has all ended with me being banned for having a crop analizer in one of my chests (please note there is a duping bug with those things) and he asks no questions and just bans me. Please note this was when i left the server due to him and another player being very disrespectful. He followed me into my clans battlefield 3 server, then when i tell him to stop stalking me he made a little complaint to his friend that used to be in my clan, and due to all of that in a fit of rage he banned me.

    I have only stated four reasons on why you should not join this server, but there is many more.

    -Kyle (pilot)

    Head Of Sound And Lighting Production Of Assisi

    Sent you a PM, should be able to get this resolved, making an auto installer as we speak... probably wont have it finished till tonight but Im sure I can get you going in twenty minutes or less

    unless you're using linux, someone is working on a tweak for that

    hmmmm could i get in on this auto install or files? i have been working at it for about 15 min and its hard *crys*