Support Request: World Gen Crash

  • So, I was playing Minecraft today and I decided to take a hike to find a good crossroads of biomes to set up my Forestry bee room. I was walking along, and suddenly, my game froze and up popped "Saving Chunks". I got a crash report, and this is what it says:

    So it happened when IC tried to generate something (quite possibly a rubber tree as I have IC2 copper and tin turned off and I was walking through a swamp at the time) and the game crashed. Whenever I load the world now, it opens for a second, I have control of my character, and then the game crashes again probably when it tries to generate the new chunk. I installed ExtraBiomesXL the night before and this play session was the first time I played it on my main world, so it's quite possible the error came from it. I figure the error isn't IC2's fault, but as it was the mod that showed up in the error report I figured I should take it here.