Question: Water Cell Filling

  • Hello everyone, I had a quick question. I was messing around and building a Centrifuge Extractor from one of the lovely IC2 addons from this very forum, and noticed something: water cells are REALLY obnoxious to fill! Manually grabbing the water from the bucket then combining it with the cell 7 or 8 times in a row gets tedious quickly, and this mod IS about automation (I'm sure you can see where this is going). Is there a way to automatically fill water cells? I tried the Forestry Rainwater Tank item, but it refused to fill the cells, so I'm at a loss. Thank you!

  • You can right-click a water source block with the Cell, and it should fill up. If you have an IC Pump, you can put it above a renewable water source, stick Cells in there, and put a Chest next to it.

  • And with redpower transposers, you can fill 1 chest with empty cells (as many as you want), hook it up to the top of the pump (it cannot be the side, else the cells will be spit out), and create several stacks of cells. (You could, in theory, do it with buildcraft pipes, but without add-ons you'll have problems with empty cells being spit out into the world when the pump's storage is full)

  • Thanks so much guys! That should probably be on the wiki somewhere, I'll add it in eventually :P

    Also, how do I check my reactor's heat levels?

  • You can make a bit of a broad guess based on how "worn" the coolant parts are, but if you want accuracy, you'll need a thermometer addon (check the Addons section, naturally). If you're going to be heating your reactor (to breed or somesuch), just don't dump all the Lava in at once - it'll take a bit of time to disperse the heat throughout the system.