~Mk III~ [200 Eu/t] [4.8 Million Eu/Gen] [3.33 Efficiency] Only 2 Reactor Chambers!

  • This Is my first ever MkIII build.
    My only previous reactor was a Mk1 20 eu/t little thing.
    I consider myself a noob with reactors, but please post what you think of it and enjoy!

    _______________________________________________ :Reactor: Mk III :Reactor:
    2 Reactor Chambers
    22 Water (20 Water 2 Chambers)
    200 Eu/t
    Efficiency: 3.33 (Max)
    GenTime:20 Min (1200s)
    Cooldown: 74 Minutes (4500s)
    Eu/Gen: 4,824,000
    Total Eu: 40,000,000

    Cooling Cells:13
    Integrated Plating:0
    Heat Dispersers:11
    Uranium Cells:6
    Isotope Cells:0
    Water Buckets:0
    Ice Blocks:0


    138 Copper Ingots
    47 Advanced Alloy
    17 Advanced Circuits
    4 Machine Blocks
    1 Genorator
    56 Water Cells
    6 Uranium Fuel Ingots


  • Thankx, and I checked out your layout, with my amout of surrounding water, and my custom generation time of 20 minutes to avoid any melting parts, The output EU and cooldown time are roughly the same