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    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slot 241 is already occupied by ic2.common.BlockRubSapling@9d4f7b when adding codechicken.enderstorage.BlockEnderChest@1cd5320

    Two blocks with the same blockID. Change either of those in the IC/enderstorage configuration file to fix it.

    Reactors don't make craters. They just remove inner layer of Reinforced Stone blast wall.

    Or rather, reactors never explode if you know what you are doing. I used to have over 20 CASUCs and about 30 normal reactors in all of my different bases in my 1.2.5 world and not a single one exploded. That's the sole reason why I don't even use any reinforcing, just a layer or two of construction foam to make sure that it doesn't destroy absolutely everything.

    The miner doesn't like your ores at all:

    BTW are the ores redpower compatible? I feel that I'm starting to have a bit too much ores in the ground.

    Anothe problem is that the reactor hull temp is updated per each element, so the next element works with a changed temperature. As a result, anything after a serious heat source (like quad-U-cell) will heat much more than those before. It was not as apparent when elements were small, but now it's glaring.

    My suggestion is to accumulate hull heat changes (and may be, all element heat changes) in variable(s) and apply changes only after end of each reactor tick.

    Also, quad-cells(and dual) seem to deplete really quickly, making them really unsuitable for large amounts of power generation.

    Please what? He's right. There was never much point to making nuclear reactors that only provided you with a trickle of power if you could just replace them with a few GeoGens. Now that the only way of getting a reasonable output is gone, the only reason to bother building a reactor is so that you have SOMETHING to use your uranium for, provided you're not enthused to destroying your world with nukes.

    Excuse me, what? You apparently haven't ever even touched a nuclear reactor. The only way to get similar sustainable output is to make green gens(costs way more) or to build a huge lava farm in the nether(requires tons of maintanance). One uranium is easily worth several stacks of lava cells.

    From what i see, reactors are nerfed into oblivion. There is no cooling dissipation elements anymore, so reactor can only make as much energy as surrounding water can dissipate, i.e. 30 eu/t - ish.

    Not really, use heat vents. I just made a 4x dual uranium cell prototype that produces 160EU/t and can run for about 2/3 cycles without half of the components even being used for cooling.

    I use MultiMC and I play with several modded versions of MC. I remember that hovering the mouse cursor over the red lightning bolt (power indicator) on the GUI of the machines would tell you how much EU/t the machine required. It was a good way (other than a good memory) to know which voltage level to provide to the machine so to avoid explosions.

    I am now playing with the current version of Technic, updated as of this moment. It uses Advanced Machines 4.1 and IC2 1.97. I am unable to see the EU/t requirement for any machine. Can anyone tell me why?

    NEI addon. You should ditch technic anyway, you don't propably even use half of the mods.

    sorta unnecessary anymore than Forge has the 4096 block ID Fix integrated.
    Just start stuffing things in the 900 range. there's a ton and a half of IDs free there.

    And half of the mods can automatically assign ID's when you start MC the first time.