Compatibility between IndustrialCraft and Sonic Ethers Shader Mod?

  • Hey ^^

    I have a huge question, It's about the compatibility between Industrialcraft (and Redpower2) and the Sonic Ethers Shader Mod. The fact is, that when I installed the Shaders mod, then I can run minecraft and play it. But when I have installed the other mods (buildcraft, redpower2, industrialcraft, reis minimap and not enough items) then i can play the game for maybe 5 minutes and then the window from minecraft is black and i have to quit this game and start it again (but then after a few minutes it is the same - window black). And well, I have no idea what it is. I have OptiFine - the newest version, Minecraft Forge and so on... and I have installed the minecraft folder again and again but I never found the mistake.
    Oh and I should say, that I didn't get an error when minecraft crashes. It is only the deeeeeep blaaaack colour~ *it is so saaad :< -.-'''*

    Well, can anybody help me? Or has anybody an idea? ^^

    Btw I have:
    - 16 GB RAM
    - 6 core processor
    - NVIDIA GEForce Graphic card (GTX 460)
    - windows 7 64bit

    Greeetings, Chewjy :)

  • First, this is placed in the wrong section, what you want is the support for IC2 not IC1. And second, I can't help you here other than to tell you to go through individually with each mod and see where the compatibility issues come up, however it does state explicitly on the main post under installation instructions that there is no guarantee that it will work with any mods at all other than Optifine

    Is the answer to this question no?


    Hey don't take it so hard. Ignorance is part of this generation it seems. -the wise words of XFmax-o-l

  • yeah sorry it is IC2 i wrote it wrong @.@ sorry~ and I was just thinking, that maybe someone other has the same problem and know what it is exactly =)