IndigoMC -whitelist- IC2, BC3, RP2, Forestry, Mystcraft, Logistics Pipes

  • IndigoMC: A Server For Industrialists

    IndigoMC is a server for those interested in many of the technology mods, and a good personal experience in minecraft. Our mods spend quite a lot of time playing their own parts in the server, building, tweaking, experimenting. And most of all, enjoying it. This brings a personal touch to any problem that may arise- resulting in quick and efficient resolutions.
    Need somewhere to just play around and experiment on your own terms? Mystcraft brings a personal touch to your own private world where you can customize the landscape and fill it with your fantastic creations. Just pop into the portal room and have a look around at how diverse our universe is.

    Apply for White-List at Official Server Site:

    Mods installed:


    Minecraft Forge
    Mystcraft 0.8.6b

    Redpower 2 PR5B2

    RedPower AutoCraftingTable

    Wireless Redstone Chicken Bones Edition
    Railcraft 5.3.2


    EnderStorage 1.1.1

    ComputerCraft 1.33

    Buildcraft Development Build 3.1.6 (custom build)
    Buildcraft Additional Pipes 3.2.0


    IndustrialCraft2 1.97

    IC2 Nuclear Control 1.1.6

    Transformers Addon 1.3

    Compact Solars


    1. Be respectful, in actions and speech.
    2. No stealing, Griefing, or Otherwise Idiocy
    3. Use commons sense before logging out with machines/automation running. If you break the server, we are not accountable for your losses.

    Thank you for your interest, we hope to see some of you soon.