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    The modded server project known as Steelcraft has now been renamed as Arcane Aerotech.
    For more information please go to and go to the modded section.
    Hope to see we see y'all there.

    Also- the whitelist has be removed, free to join and fully approved modpack :thumbup:
    suggestions welcome :)


    Here is the list of various reasons that the server may be down:

    1: Server crash due too Mk2 Logistic Pipe Error... Which has been happening, lets cross fingers that it isn't all of LP.
    2: Matt shut it down for upgrades, which is always possible.
    3:Server crash due too Wireless redstone Error
    4: Something out of any of our control

    I absolutely agree!! Even if they were only 3x3 windmills and watermills they would look awesome.

    I also agree with this, heck that was one of the main reasons I installed BTW with ic2 and the dynamo addon back in 1.8.1, I constantly go back to work on my water turbines I built with waterwheels in my 1.8.1 world. If FC didn't jump ship on forge I wouldn't need to go back to 1.8 all the time. But I will say that if someone can code it,then there could atleast be an addon for ic2 wind/water mills to be more like BTW mills. And I have high doubts that even when mojang creates a modding api FC will even let his mod be compatible with forge mods, except buildcraft.

    Long statement... Read If you want to. Not spam, just opinion.

    Can someone explain why I always get this error when I try to install this mod in 1.8

    I hope someone can help me with this.

    NVM I just had to look through some posts.

    Actually, heat could be turned into EU, by a geothermal generator because in real life a geothermal generator is not only powered by lava but also extreme amounts of heat, so what i suggest is just to make the geothermal generators able to run off the heat of the reactor, which would help prevent meltdowns but not get rid of that danger, and it would also save all the heat as EU, it would be a win win. And also give a needed use for the geothermal generator. Plus It would make sence, besides the reactor can heat up enogh to make lava so it should be able to power geothermal generators with their heat.

    Thank you for the addon, especially because i actually suggested an advance generator in this addon earier. Now I can make my auto ice factory. All I need is alot of tin.
    With alot of cooling my reactor, which has has almost the whole 5 chambers full of uranium and it produces atleast 50000 EU per sec 881.78 per tick. and because of the ice it only produces 17 heat atleast.