I'm paranoid. yet i want to try reactor breeding.

  • so I figured to take this reactor design and run it till it gets to 9000. so it would take about 25 min. Once the remote temp trips the safety at 9000, I would change the design to this. I would then bump up the safety temp to 9100ish.

    I would like to go ahead and try this out, but I'm paranoid that the calculations would be off in some way. is there any words of wisdom from the reactor breeders? or a more detailed guide on reactor breeding?

  • I usually like to do my testing via mystcraft. Age of Oops, mostly.

    Protip: don't leave your linking book next to a possible exploding reactor, better to make a nice tram set up that goes past the craters of previous attempts, reminding you of how far you have come, that and you usually find more uranium in the crater than you do using the breeder part anyways.