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    I know, I know... Massive necrobump.
    But still, maybe people here are still playing this game ?
    Now that .18 has docking, planets with moons and lots of new parts, there are a lot more possibilities in the game.
    For example, here's my first space station, and Laythe mission (one of jool's moons)

    Also, the next update .19 will feature resource mining, re-entry heat, rovers and more!
    It is sure going to be awesome!

    Beer is totally useless, except that brewing it is a great time sink if you're bored.
    If you want it for the buffs, better just spend that time making the Qsuit.
    But like i said, it's fun to mess around, so maybe that's it's purpose.

    LAN/ Local Area Connection only works in your wifi/cable range AKA only for other pc 's in your house
    If you want to play with friends you still need to use the dedicated server software as before.

    I think you should read discussion first

    I see no discussion, just lots of long metaphoric posts secretly flaming you and your horribly misplaced thread, you can't cause some sort of revolution in this forum, you get flamed and denied to the ground real quick.

    But I really like your therm "Minecraft realism". What does it mean, exactly?

    I meant that minecraft is some trippy place where common sense and reality don't apply.
    And why am i actually still commenting on this? The first two replies pretty much buried your idea six feet under.

    to conclude this.
    You could have said "you can carry megatons of any material in your pocket, that's not realistic, change the inventory size to 1 slot" from the start.
    Minecraft is a game that Was never meant to be realistic, you start off by chopping a tree with your bare hands, make useable planks out of it just by putting a log of wood into your magical "4x4 grid pocket factory thingy 9000".
    all of the generators could work by magical dwarves dancing inside it (when you give them coal, lava or anything acceptable by that generator), pleasing notch, who sends Eu trough the output.
    It's just code! it has no mechanical inner workings whatsoever!
    if you don't like it, you have 2 options:
    1) Uninstall ic2
    2) Re-code it so the reactor is called "magic radiating box 'O hayo"
    Minecraft realism isn't the kind of realism you understand as realism.
    Minecraft and IC2 aren't called "mining and industry simulator" for a reason.
    Oh, and before you start japping about bugs and balance, your suggestion won't make it any better. Your suggestion woud cause tons and tons of new bugs and the maintenance/Eu ratio for reactors right now is just right, enough to run lots of advanced machines or a massfab, it's the most powerfull ic2 generator afterall.

    May be I just use wrong word... I'm not meaning "realism" like in non-fiction. I mean realism like SF, but not fantasy. But I don't know right word for it. "Not magic", may be? Jet packs are SF. Teleporters are SF. Eutricicty... well, it's close enough and fun, so I like it.

    But uranium doing something completely different than uranium.. It's like macerators producing energy or jetpack digging soil. And it's not mhard to fix - just move eu production from uranium to vents.

    I think only other as annoyingly "magic" thing in IC2 is watermill that produce energy from stationary water.

    But the system is working perfectly and we already had a major reactor revamp just now!
    They should have it called "Hayoium" so peeps like you wouldn't complain about it.
    And by the way since when do vents produce energy?

    So just to set a point this is the accurate number of peeps who care about realism in the minecraft community exept for Baturinsky:

    No, seriously ic2 is a mod with jetpacks that run on electricity and that electricity could just be pixie dust flowing trough pipes known as wires, nobody cares because the works and is fun to play.
    Maybe minecraft contains This "Starter buket 'O realism" like you said but it's still mixed with magic Hayoish invisible dwarves, mysteries and other random stuff like kamikaze bush monsters.
    Minecraft can contain that magic Hayo, it's part of it's base idea of the game.
    Except if it's ee2, that's so OP the fun turns into boredom in a few hours.
    Realism isn't realism in minecraft.

    When i saw the title i thought some solar spammer wants a sun at night so he can produce solar energy 24/7 ee2 style.
    But it's just another luminator suggestion and as they are under a massive rework all luminator suggestions are blacklisted.