The Shadow Warden

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    A little side-thingy I wrote within a few hours. Took 2 days until I found time for the spellcheck though.
    Be advised, the story does contain cruelity and potential gore (read: explicit descriptions of blood and/or severe wounds) probably not suited for younger audience, read on own danger.

    Not much to say about the plot itself. Just a random glimpse at the mysterious 'seventh' fraction, the Warden. A glimpse which probably doesn't make much sense, since I still didn't write up any conclusive summary of the 'world' my stories are taking place in...

    Whatever, just enjoy a few pages of random stuff. Btw, if I manage to suprise you in 2. and 3., I win :3 I intentionally planned "What would a generic fantasy-reader exspect from this situation" and did something else.