[Support Request} Bow's have become MiningPipe

  • I've looked into the module and block numbers etc....

    However I can't fix this one.

    I saw a zombie holding a red lattice frame... apparently a mining pipe.
    Using Recipe Book I see that the 3 sticks and 3 string now make a MiningPipe.

    How can I fix this please? I tracked it down to IC2.. the pipe gave that away.

    Thanks in advance.

  • That issue commonly occurs if you overlap mod IDs with vanilla item IDs (it will let you do that, but it will cause serious problems like this)

  • You could delete your configs, and let minecraft generate new ones, it might be corrupted or something like?

    I decided to give it a go... deleting my entire config folder.
    Glad I made a backup.
    Crashes before starting... now apparently extrabiomesXL is conflicting with build craft... sigh

    At least no box/miningpipe problem... so far :p