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    No Asie. Buildcraft should have simply changed their EnergyAPI a bit and everyone would have supported it still..
    The main reason why people left was because the API was simply: You have to do it our way and thats it...
    If you wanted to make a converter you had to constantly drain the Energy out of the custom battery in the old system to make it work.
    A simply IC2 API like thing: Receiver and Sender would have been enough... Switching to RF was the same solution but you got ride of what BC was worth for. Its own uniqe power system with Explosions...

    This was a common misconception about the MJ power system (that there always had to be loss and there was no way to avoid it). Yes, the API did have loss built in, and yes you couldn't eliminate that loss entirely on the API part of it, but what you did with the power after receiving it was not something that the MJ API dictated and you could configure the loss at the receiving end to be virtually negligible. It was entirely possible to have a machine that would store massive amounts of MJ, shut off its power requesting, and lose only a small amount of MJ in the transfer buffer.


    Very large resource packs like this are a problem in general unless you have 8 or better 16 GB of RAM.
    please do not enter players in misleading!

    with fastcraft i have 17 fps and freeze every second, without -117+ fps

    all good with pack and RAM - only 1800 mb memory usage with 100+ mods

    If you are having stellar performance without FastCraft, why are you even trying to use FastPack?

    On a related note, is the code in GregTech that invalidates ore dictionary entries (by replacing it with IC2 scrap) that GregTech doesn't use and isn't affected by, but has been deemed invalid going to be removed as well?

    In TConstruct's case, the problem was a simple annoyance from excessive logging. Other mods are deliberately broken by GregTech for no good reason other than to force compliance to Greg's standards.

    I just wonder what will happen if a third mod enters the play and decides to add Iron Rods and want to make it oredict compatible. I bet it will follow the standard convention of forge.

    I guess it depends on the mod... If they want compatibility with both, it would add both names to the oredict. Personally, I'd use the one that had been in use the longest.

    At the end of the day, it boils down to this: GT doesn't care about compatibility with TConstruct, TConstruct doesn't care about compatibility with GT, and mDiyo doesn't particularly care to change the names that he has used for the past 2 years.

    Sidenote: As for mDiyo being an unknown developer... You can thank him for block IDs not being limited to 256. He did the 4096 expansion.

    Then, Fix it Greg! time.

    Chickenbones didn't follow the precedent of forge, which is older than WRCBE or any of his mods, going over with the mistake is just stupidity.
    He is not the one that has the right to set any convention, forge does.

    Ultimately, these are the names that have been in use by mDiyo since 2011. If GT wants to be compatible, the onus is on Greg.

    TConstruct followed the precedent set by WRCBE (which was before GT)

    I have ONE question, because instead of speculation, why you name your stuff in reverse way? Have it some practical uses? Thnx for answ me :)

    Do you have an instance in particular? It uses ore*, ingot*, and nugget*. The only time it doesn't is with the tool parts (and especially the rods, where the precedent for the reverse order was already set by other mods)

    If you explicitely want an Acid Free Hotdog with Ketchup, and I give you a Hotdog with Ketchup and someone else comes and puts additional Acid on the Hotdog, corroding the Ketchup away, after I gave the result to you. And then you complain about getting too much Acid and too less Ketchup, so that I start to refuse (crash) giving Hotdogs out, while that Acid Guy is there, just because I know he puts Acid on it without you wanting that, and I can't easyly prevent that Acid Guy from doing it. That is bad?

    Seriously, if you come with senseless comparisions, I answer with even more ridiculous stuff.

    Actually, it's more like you explicitly want a hotdog with ketchup, and you give a hotdog with ketchup on half a bun, then someone else comes and replaces the half bun with a whole bun. But then you got angry that someone would dare do that and you take the hotdog and throw it on the ground.

    You forgot the step where GregTech ignored the wood nerf config if TConstruct was detected.


    The 'Circle Stone Brick' block can normally only be acquired in creative
    mode, as can two variations of the sandstone block. The alternator
    provides a method of obtaining these elusive blocks through normal

    Actually, the sandstone variants can be crafted normally. Smooth Sandstone is made by combining 4 sandstone in a square, while Chiseled Sandstone is made by stacking two Sandstone Slabs. See