Electric fence bug?

  • I built electric fence (loop) MFSU -> HVT 2048------HV wires------- HVT 512 -> MFSU - splitter cable (loop)
    It works fine shock stuff near it, it is 1 block above ground, but problem is if you are inside fence and far away you still get 0 damage but it appear like you are getting hit by 0 damage, any way to fix it so it wont be shooting 0 damage all over the place, but give damage animation to only those who should get damage, it shows even chicken getting damage inside it but they dont die, just get damage animation when they are inside far from fence.

  • So unsolvable? I think it is MC2/IC2 bug. IC2 bug because it gives 0 damage damage, and MC2 that it animate 0 damage damage.

    The whole thing is when i'm far enough from fence on the outside of square i don't get damage, but when i'm far enough but inside fence area i get damage animation, but 0 damage (even without any armor).

    The whole thing was in SMP i will try if it's in SSP too.
    IC² v1.97

  • Try splitting the whole system into 4 partitions, aka HVT in the four corners and approximately straight lines of EV connecting them.
    May be a hitboxing issue.