[IC2 v 1.97] Bug with Ultra Low Voltage Cables? (Tin cables)

  • According to the wiki:


    Tin cables can only tolerate up to 5 EU per packet

    However when I place solar panels on them, the EU reader reads 60+ EU/t. Is this a bug or is the wiki wrong?

  • In IC2 electricity is only a buzz word for small magical dwarfs carrying nanobatteries. From every energy source or storage there is one dwarf released every tick. Size of a dwarf is determined by amount of energy they are carrying. Cables are in reality just a tunnels where they run. If a cable or machine don't provide enough space for a dwarf it will get angry and blow up.

    However many dwarfs are happy to run alongside each other and will in cooperation carry any amount of energy through a cable. Big dwarf will still prefer to blow up, then to split, but he can split into smaller dwarfs in transformer. Every smaller dwarf which is produced by transformer can go to the same output tunnel.

    These useful little creatures are also sometimes nicknamed packets.

  • To further the excellent description from Zjarek, note that the wiki says "up to 5 EU per packet", not per tick.

    Come to think of it, I wonder if the EU reader might include "(largest packet seen: X EU)" in its output? Wouldn't really be useful, but it might hint to readers that EU/t is not all there is to the IC2 energy net.