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    Hey there,

    It seems like if you use the Vajra on the Magic Walls blocks from ArsMagica (blocks that reappear when you break them), you'll get the block, and then it will reappear anyway. So basically you're getting an infinite source of magic blocks (which should probably not be collectable in the first place).

    Seems more like an Ars Magica fault, you can also collect those blocks with TNT.

    Or just make a rubber tree farm, then extract the rubber from logs =).
    Also, MFR bioreactor + biogenerator combo is very powerful. Every biofuel item (sapling/potato/carrot/seeds...) is worth 80+* mB of biofuel and each mB is worth 160 MJ.
    Or you can use it in a boiler if you need steam for whatever reason. [Although i believe biogen + lava fab + GT thermal gen is better to get EU from it]

    Pumpkin seeds and IC2 crops combination is just broken in bioreactor. Fortunately they are planning to disable pumpkin/melons in it. I had a quick world without GT for 1.5.1 and I powered everything with pumpkin seeds (lava fab for EU) from one medium sized plantation and had a lot of pumpkins to spare. Reactor doesn't even require gates like other engines for BC power, even DartCraft engines is more interesting to setup. While MFR is really cool mod, I think that farming part of it is just too cheap.


    You can increase efficiency of steam boilers if you run them in heating/cooling cycles. Theoretical maximum is 25 % increase of burn time, because cooling is 4 times faster then heating up in final stage of boiler heatup. Practically one 36 HP boiler runs without problems with one bucket of biofuel per 124 s, when normally it uses 1 bucket per 100 s. In this situation it could provide additional 500 EU/t. Running steel cost of turbine is really small if you don't let them break, it is about 24 steel every 60 hours per boiler, you can even make it with UU matter (but electrolysis of obsidian dust from rock crusher is a lot cheaper, even with magma crucible), splitter cable and normal BC gate is enough to prevent unnecessary steel loss. You can also cut on IC2 pumps by using dispensers with buckets. Power converters are boring.

    Talking about energy storage, values above 2 billion doesn't exceed integer?
    Making technically impossible energy storages above that? Or you can use a "hack" to make it nearly "infinite" (2^31 * 2^31) [4.611.686.018.427.387.904] ?
    Maybe even 2^31^3 [990.352.031.428.3042.199.192.993.792] ?

    Well, I think just using long primitive would be fastest and it would allow for practically infinite EU storage (if we won't get billion times faster fusion reactor).

    I was thinking, Batbox can easily be replaced with Generators + some fuel, and Steel is quite cheap o_O. (Okay, more expensive than Iron, but easy to get in terms of Techtree)

    Am I the only one, who builds 2 batboxes and a splitter cable to power my first machines without wasting solid fuel or having to often restock generators?

    Lag is still the #1 limitation for many people without a fast PC, you can't ignore it. I would like to have more refined bees and more steam boilers, but my computer says NOOOOOOO (Little Britain referance).
    What we don't know is how much lag will cause a faster update on Greg's automatic machines.

    Have you tried disabling particle FX in forestry config? You won't see bees flying around, but it could help if lag is caused by graphics.

    Greg, I have a serious problem on my server.... Canvas bags have a glitch where you can dupe items (I'm not sure how to do it) and I was wondering if you could add something to disable them? A guy on my server has 30 stacks of coal blocks and 5 blocks of copper... (He doesn't have any sort of mining machine and he's only been on the server for a couple days) I'll probably ban him but I want to make sure other people don't do it.

    There are some Redpower tweaks floating on the net that fixes it, also Nallar's Tick Threading should fix it. Personally I hate this bug, I'm so used to feature causing dupe when used with canvas bags, that I have to regularly delete items that I duped. You can also try ShadwDrgn's recipe remover to disable crafting recipe for them.

    2.80f still doesn't make fine copper wire when CotM is installed. Also CotM causes that its brass is target of the unification (it has the same metadata (2) as RP2 brass). Additionally sawmill have recipe for rocks (metadata 4) from galvanized iron ingot (metadata 3). Of course there is no ID conflict, all the items (RP2 brass, silicon wafers, silicon boule, fine wires) are crafted normally without problems.

    Seriously? I won't help with any ID-Conflicts.

    The problem is that there is no ID conflicts, only output from the wiremil when putting uninsulated copper and iron wire gives weird results. If it were an ID-Conflict, I wouldn't be able to make fine copper wire normally, and this is not the case.

    Edit: Here are some screenshots, I installed NEI to better show IDs. I changed gold fragment ID, but it is still the product of the wiremil:

    Edit2: CotM also adds brass...

    New wiremill conflicts with Cogs of the machine, I get instead of RP2 wires golden chunks and copper plates, they have the same metadata as wires that should be made, but different ID (but of course I can craft fine copper/iron wires using drawplate). Here are the configs, RP2pre6, IC2 r220, GT 2.80e CotM 0.1.3.C, Forge 534, I couldn't replicate it on automatically generated configs.



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    Ok, something odd I've noticed, but can't understand. I can't make Sticky Resin Torches with GregTech installed. Yet I can't find a configuration option to enable them.
    This is my only real gripe with GregTech ATM, because I always used Resin Torches when I had a surplus of rubber. I actually prefer Resin Torches because they are easy to make and allow one to use up spare resin instead of coal/charcoal, which while Charcoal is basically free, it's a PITA to smelt up enough charcoal for the amount of torches I use.

    In short, Greg, Y U no have Resin Torches in Configs?

    It works for me (latest GT, IC2 r218 ), however it is hidden recipe in NEI.

    Yes, but in this situation, all forms of automated interdimensional transport are disabled. I feel that that is the primary unbalancing factor of geothermal generators in the nether, as all current forms of interdimensional transport are overpowered. It was much more balanced back in 1.2.5 and earlier, since in singleplayer the nether and the overworld could not be loaded simultaneously.

    Railcraft + BC/RP2 (pumps) is enough for lava transfer from nether. Probably even RP2 alone (+ chunkloader if your base is not at spawn) will be enough, but I haven't tested it yet (pump to the glass tank with dispensers to fill buckets and then shoot them to the portal and catch them on other side).