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    Hey there,

    It seems like if you use the Vajra on the Magic Walls blocks from ArsMagica (blocks that reappear when you break them), you'll get the block, and then it will reappear anyway. So basically you're getting an infinite source of magic blocks (which should probably not be collectable in the first place).

    Seems more like an Ars Magica fault, you can also collect those blocks with TNT.


    You can increase efficiency of steam boilers if you run them in heating/cooling cycles. Theoretical maximum is 25 % increase of burn time, because cooling is 4 times faster then heating up in final stage of boiler heatup. Practically one 36 HP boiler runs without problems with one bucket of biofuel per 124 s, when normally it uses 1 bucket per 100 s. In this situation it could provide additional 500 EU/t. Running steel cost of turbine is really small if you don't let them break, it is about 24 steel every 60 hours per boiler, you can even make it with UU matter (but electrolysis of obsidian dust from rock crusher is a lot cheaper, even with magma crucible), splitter cable and normal BC gate is enough to prevent unnecessary steel loss. You can also cut on IC2 pumps by using dispensers with buckets. Power converters are boring.

    There is one problem with it. What is good amount of ore to generate and how to balance it? Good solution would be one central ore generation mod, I hoped metallurgy would be a good candidate for it, but it doesn't seem so now (fantasy metals, non opensource, various unneeded junk). Bigger issue I think is with many different ingots/dusts etc. There are some tries for cleaning it up, like forge lexicon, or some GT automation things (I don't use that part of this addon), but ore dictionary just tells that items can be used in the same recipes, not that they are the same.


    Did you mean stoichiometry? Even from vanilla mc, the game is not that realistic.. For example who IRL can make a diamond block just using a table and 9 diamonds lol..

    Of course, I just thought that English translation in that case was simple ;). It is a little bit embarrassing that I made this mistake, considering number of chemical papers I read in English. About realism, there are many unrealistic things in Minecraft (torches from coal, diamond tools, floating blocks, etc.), but it is usually good for game mechanics, however if only tech mods work well with TFcraft...

    What game mechanics does producing of compressed air cells in electrolyzer add? Why add hydrogen cells when there are already electrolyzed water cells? Why would anyone produce methane, but if you really want that, why don't simulate Fischer-Tropsch process (with possibilities to make BC fuel and many other simple hydrocarbon materials). I'm not even sure that burning of coal in hydrogen atmosphere would work. Bauxite processing could for example require heating to get Al2O3 and then subsequent electrolysis in molten phase (two modes of electrolysis, water based and liquid phase could be a good addition). You wouldn't ever make K2CO3 from raw potassium, but from KOH, making metallic potassium for this purpose would be terrible waste of energy.

    Edit: I'm not saying that separation of compound to elements is impossible, but it is very expensive and impractical. Chemistry is mainly about reaction of compounds in specific conditions having thermodynamics in mind, not just combining of elements.

    Very fun addon, I really liked the fact that it enhance IC2 progression, for example getting a drill is now naturally extending vanilla progression, not replacing it (with normal IC2 most people don't even make diamond picks). One thing that I don't like about it is stechiometric recipes. That's not how chemistry work. With current GT machines there are possibilities for much more realistic processing. Mixing elements to get compounds feels really weird. Magical machine to separate compounds to elements also isn't exactly reasonable.

    Well current state of forge mods for first installation is you place your mods in folder and run the game without ID conflicts. There can be some conflicts when adding another mods (which could be solved automatically), but in 1.2.5 it was almost necessary to add mods one at the time and resolve conflicts as they show up.

    However there is room for improvement. IMO in an API like forge IDs shouldn't be accessible to modders and be just an internal implementation. From what I read in official API proposals from Mojang developers, it is planned this way (when it will be released and if it will be powerful enough is another story).