• Official Post

    Ok, honestly, red the red letters. Please!
    Be advised the story contains
    severe gore, blood, profane language (swearing). Additionally, the content of the story (/mentality of the characters) could be considered disgusting/desturbing.
    Be advised I do NOT associate myself with anything that happens in the story and/or any character present in the story.

    I simply had the sudden need to simply WRITE SOMETHING. After ~one hour of brain storming, a few keywords hit my mind:
    Freedome, Power, Blood, Insanity.
    I mixed up a few different story intros I've somewhen thought of and then simply started writing, without designed plotline,
    simply led by 'Hmm, what could happen next'.
    The story and it's plot-turns suprised me as much as they will suprise readers but overall I think it's an interesting story with a slightly different twist.

    I dunno whether whether this will stay a solo-standing thing. It leaves enough space to write other shortys connecting to this one. We'll see...

    Feel free to discuss this story HERE.