• I found that many computing things can be done with IC2 wiring in more compact and reliable way. Even more, many things from RedPower and such can be done with just simple IC elements.

    Most interesting thing is timers. You want x ticks timer - you put 32*x eu in Batbox, set it on "emit when empty" and let it flow out.

    But what if you need longer time?

    Then you use what i call "slowwire". Essentially it is "snakes and ladders" for EU's. Simplest way is to queue transformers (acting as diodes), with output of each diode splitting two ways, one of which is "back to start".
    Then each step increase time of EU travel by two. You can also split more than two ways each step, multiplying time by 3 or more.

    Of cause, even more crazy wiring is possible, giving more complex ratios, but they are much harder to predict.

    See attachment for two examples - 1/6 slowcable (1/2 and 1/3 split) and 1/81 slowcable (4 times 1/3 split). As you see, they are very simple.

    One full 40000EU batbox normally lasts for 1250 tics.

    With those two slowcables it's possible to measure 7500 tics, and 101 250 tics.

    This breeder heats from zero to 9375 in 7500 tics when run continuously. Then, if it is switched on and off for equal periods of time, it keeps it's temperature the same. And in 100 000 cycles (or a little below) depleted cells are charged, and breeder can be switched off to save uranium.

    So, we can have nearly-perfect breeder that is run just by putting in cells and clicking a button. And no extra broken mods.

    I'm still hammering details, though. Designing other elements.

    For example, rotating off/on cycles can be done with clock generator, made of detector, transformer, batbox and one wire. If detector is adjacent to transformer, then it inverts it, effectively stopping EU flow. As detector updates once per second, we have perfect clock generator. Same be done with three redstone repeaters and a torch, but I think eutricity is more reliable.

    Now about "starting" with a button" thing. It's also not too simple. But it can be done with what I call "sleeper". It's transformer followed immediately by batbox, set to "emit if empty". If batbox is empty, it inverts transformer, so nothing can go inside through it. So, nothing happens until you pit a little bit of electricity in it.

    On picture it is done by pressing a button on couple of transformers, labeled "splitter". And yes, you can make splitter from even one transformer, though you have to be careful not to expose "low" side to any electric input. If you have two transformer looking different sides one after another, than you have a very good splitter, that is directional, and can handle low or medium current depending on orientation.
    Unlike "real" splitter", this one does not waste EU's and is tic-perfect, while "real" splitter updates once per second.

    And last one thing - "stopwatch". Put one transformer between two batboxes. Put EUs in first one. Now note how many EUs went into send while and divide it by 32 to know number of tics signal was on. I timed clock generator with it to see it lasts exactly for 640 eu = 20 tics = 1 sec.

  • But can it blend make logic gates?

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  • But can it blend make logic gates?

    Not quite. And it relies a lot on redstone itself, even if there can be few redwire visible.
    Eutricity just gives some tools to work with time and energy flows (store them, convert one to another, split and join flows, etc), that allows SOME of things done easier.

  • omg, this is so cool! *imediatly replaces all timers with batboxs*

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