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    Why don't make exception for exploits?

    Fuck me, right?

    So if crafted by using your hands and tools you waste 25% of the resources, with the use of a machine that 25% will be used/returned in the form of more raw materials/products?

    Anyway at least tell me that it can craft XV81 crisis battlesuits.

    Remember back when we all believed that? But seriously, I think it is going to be incredibly overrated, sure they are working with Forge people on what should be in it, but honestly can it ever rival Forge for anything like Industrialcraft or Redpower's needs? I think it will honestly just be something that people can use to make new ores, tools, crafting recipes, or maybe basic additional stuff, in other words things that 1000's of mods have done already, not something that will be worthy of the really big mods' use.

    I would add, that that API thingy will be buggy, cuz you know, we are talking 'bout Mojang.

    This game is hard but fun.

    I only beat the game once with the Engi Cruiser Type A, and almost with the Federation Cruiser Type A(second boss form is OP).

    And the game have a crazy learning curve.

    And the Humans are the worst crew you can have.

    And in normal mode is:

    1.Jump to new sector.
    2. Charge your FTL ASAP and stay alive.
    3. Repeat.

    or to build a huge lava farm in the nether(requires tons of maintanance).

    Hey, the only downside of a geogen station is moving the power from the Nether to the Over World D:>

    And now we can make a (expensive yes ofc) powerfull-small generators(before this we only got geogen).

    Mecha Dragon that can be summoned in a similar manner to the "Big Bang Bomb" i proposed earlier, after being killed it drops an "Ic3 Development Notes" item, but when you try to open it...

    Oh oh, summoned by impaled n00bs.

    And some thiswasatriumph-like song while we are watching a macerator macerate macerators. Cuz you know, when macerators macerating macerators is the end of the world.

    *level up derpiness*

    I got a few suggestions to add to the list:

    ●Play it with a eye patch.

    ●Tied up a hand behind your back.

    ●Use first a bong for the enhancing of your mind before playing.

    ●You have to stop what you are doing every 30 minutes to pray to The Potato *chan chan chaaan*

    ●A tentacle monster must be hunting you down...

    ●Suspicious dog is suspicious, so you can't use LV, MV, HV and EV.

    By the way, I think that this suggestion is a joke, or you sir don't understand and don't know how game mechanics works for making a game more "difficult", no more "unreasonable difficult" or "difficult for da lulz".

    Ironic how you contradict yourself in a single paragraph. You say time is nothing to me, but all time is worth money?


    It costs you nothing to click on a link for 5 seconds.

    When you are making a modded client and server, to play with your friends, and you are testing mods and compatibility, with near 70-40 mods/plugins/add-ons, during that 5/10 seconds of adfly, I'm raging like a ork againts the modder for not having a direct download option.

    If I want to give to the modder those 0,0000001€ of a adfly link, will be because I WANT, cuz I THINK HE/SHE DESERVE IT. Not because he/she thinks that he/she deserve it and should impose it to me.

    And I click cuz I want on adfly-ed links, like on Risugami's mods cuz things like having a choice and "If you're feeling generous, feel free to donate! Or if you'd rather not spend your own money, you may click the Adfly links below and wait 5 seconds, then skip the ad.", thats a good way of doing things.

    Those 5 seconds are taking away my mental sanity.


    That happens when you have no direct download.