[Suggestion] New Redstone Modes for Energy Storage Blocks

  • I noticed there is a lack of a few useful Redstone Modes for the Batbox, MFE, and MFSU. For example, emit if a certain percentage empty. So, for instance, I could put a feed back loop to a reactor. So an MFSU or MFE will emit a redstone signal until it's has 25% left in storage then it'll drop the redstone signal until full then again put one out until it's back to 25% empty, that would not only help with cooling, but it won't waste uranium. That's just an example, could put in other modes to do other things, right now it's pretty basic, heck, BC gates do more useful things, though it's BC 3 and that's not SMP yet, and not everyone uses BC so having some functionality of those in the energy storage blocks would be pretty helpful. :D