Bug or feature? Glassfibre cable taking ev. and poss mfsus.

  • Glass fibre and mfsus are taking EV in this thread right here posted by Sir. Laff70 of the IR server. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m893eOZFPR0 this has been replicated by droctoganapus22 of IR. Bug with other mods or feature?


    That's a rather cool idea, but a lone tree is suspicious, better plant some more. So really... forget about solar-flowers, solar-trees are the next generation :P

  • Did you legitimately get the link wrong or are you trying to troll right now?

    Is the answer to this question no?


    Hey don't take it so hard. Ignorance is part of this generation it seems. -the wise words of XFmax-o-l