IC2 v1.103 R1 // NEI Issues

  • after our server updated from a IC2 version to the lastest 1.103 R1 , our NEI recipes for ic2 craft dont work anymore
    RichardG wont give any clear answer about why

    This is the diff- Versions we use of everything , im not server admin in anyway , but i want it fixed or found the reason as fast as possible since i love the plugin

    and ps. we can't craft the Pneumatic Generators :S after update

  • found out that our server is running

    Chicken 0.5.3 .. when the new is 0.5.5
    and old
    NEI and the newest is

    that could might be the issue here :) not 100% sure

  • In fact our plugin is missing from the release. If there will be a 1.103b it will be fixed in that.

    So you wont have it implemented in the current release but we ought to wait for an update?
    Any chance you might give out the missing plugin by any other means? As its really kinda annoying because mods submods of IC2 wont display the recipes either (or at least some items wont)

  • It's too late for a 103b, the build system has been updated to 1.3.

    I am taking mistaqur's addon though. The old code from ChickenBones does not support ore dictionary lookup, plus I need to take my time to hack the NEI code to compile without decompile-time transformers and the baseclass edit.

  • Any word on a plugin that works with IC2 1.103 and NEI None of the ones on mistaqur's site there work. (I'm using Technic, and I upgraded IC2 from 1.97 because I was sick of crops getting trampled. I've tried reverting and all it does is crash.)

  • Have you tried the NEI Plugins for both of the versions 1.97 and 1.95 yet? Certain things that worked for 1.95 and 7 also work for 1.103, however no guarantees, Technic is not known for its compatibility with anything at all.

    Is the answer to this question no?


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  • I have tried the 1.97 one; all the 1.95 one says it does is add the charge amount to the tooltip of items that hold a charge. (I've also tried upgrading NEI and CodeChickenCore, every permutation of the three has caused a crash.)

  • Sorry but i no longer have sources for NEI so i can't made plugins for NEI and IC2 1.103.