Myths of Darkness

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    I literally love this story. Not because it's exspecially awesome or because I like the theme much... no, it's because this story is meant to be simply... unique by messing up a readers mind, building up exspections and throwing them off again.
    The plot takes place in a modern setting and has a semi-fantastic nature to it, no doubt.
    Because I'm evil, I will only put up the first four chapters for now. And I bet after reading those four, everyone of you will say "Aww, that was totally obvious since xyz." And then I will release chapter five and you will drop off your seats in utter surprise, I promise!

    As of now, the story does not contain any real mature content yet, but I assume the further story to contain such stuff and thus will rather put a Warning, this story may contain elements of mature nature, not suitable for younger audiences, consisting of, but not limited to: seduction, partial/artistic nudity, gore, blood, strange stuff tag onto it.

    Here you go ^^

    PS: You can get the 'full' story from the post below. It's advised to make a quick break after Part 4, though. Take a minute and think abotu what happened, what you know, what you assume and what could happen further. Then proceed reading ;)

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    Guess that was long enough for you to make up your thoughts ^^ Here you get Part 5&6.

    Rigth now, there are QUITE some more pages after those, but anything past 6 is 'random scribbling' without any real plotline. I dunno whether It will turn into a relevant story.
    You should consider this a simple short of 16 pages.
    I've decided to give it a simple sub-name as well, labelling it "Myths of Darkness - A new shadow"

    Nontheless, enjoy reading.