Another Miner suggestion

  • How 'bout we spent our enormous EU in miner?
    I say, making upgrade for miner, to allow it to use 2 drills. I noticed, that with diamond drill it takes ~ 1-1.5kk eu to completely drain the area.
    we make it, so 2 diamond drills can take up to several times the energy, but for double speed, and that is going to be FAST. Surely, transformer upgrade slot would be nice.
    How about it?

  • 2 miners? Its a pain in the ass. 2 miners are troublemaking + more cpu load, + 2 miners together work really crappy.
    2 drill upgrade is much more efficient in ALL ways /and is quite easy to implement/

  • I would like it. But Alblaka would answer it's getting closer of the IC² Quarry. And I guess he wouldn't like it.

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • Of course if that's not OP enough you can try using 4 miners at once. My upgraded miner set uses 4 miners at the corners of a square (9 blocks apart) with the transformers/power in the centre. The expensive part's the diamond cable to keep the setup simple...

  • It's not "being OP" or not. The problem with the quarry, is that it make you stop mining by yourself. The same would happen with the Upgraded Miner.

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • I disagree, current miner is enough to stop mining completely (if more of them are used).

    Yes, but the fact is it's long to do the setup, to dismantle it etc ... for a little amount of ressources, compared to what you could mine during this time With MLaser + Diamond Drill + Lappack + Fortune II RP2 Pickaxe (or Iron).
    You've to put the energy sources (so to find lava, what you can do with the miner himself and a pump but it will cost you tin and you would also have to put this pump + 1 cable + OV scanner + Diamond Drill + Mining Pipes ...
    This is not a huge setup, but think you have actually to bring it on a side etc ... and it's fast, you haven't the time to mine a lot while it's processing ... what you could do with larger Miner/Quarry.
    I would like it too, because I like the way the miner is working but as I said, you're busy at it when it's workng, so you can't do what you want ...
    At the end, you've about the same amount of ressources than if you were mining by yourself. And if you'll find more Ura (wich is a good think for Breeder + CASUC users, as for me), you'll find less diamond, redstone, lapis ...
    I actually use the miner just as a way to find Ura.

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • I'm actually using 3 miners at the same time (always wearing them with me) because they're to slow. But I'm not sure about the overclocker upgrades, I think they would be to fast then and destroy the game... I already almost have 3 64 stacks of diamonds only with the miner lol.

    This idea isn't that bad, I don't understand why this shouldn't work... I even got an idea because of the speed:

    [Suggestion] Put laser in a miner?

  • I guess, nobody reads first post at all.
    This upgrade is meant to be close to middle-endgame. Can you afford several times more EU per 2x Speed in early or even in mid-game? Obviously, you cant. You can run miner with diamond drill and 3 8EU panels from compactsolars and in ~15 realtime mins it will be done, while this upgrade req. constant roughly medium voltage. And yes, I mean this upgrade to spare you from digging tons of cobble in shafts and using tons of miners, while draining your MFSU in 2-3 rounds.

  • Actually I use 2 overclockers in every machine since earlygame, then jump to 4 as soon as possible (with the first MFE). I find it more comfortable, because geo-gens are powerful enough to feed them. Right after that I go straight for mining laser and reactor. I always have first reactor before first house. Yes, I have all my machines, bed and chests laying on a grassy hill.