A Reactor thats a bit different. (Mk3 or Mk2 due to quad cell bug) AND Mk5

  • Hi there.
    Been experimenting a little, and found a neat little set up.
    At this point, I know that any reactor designs made now are unlikely to be too useful in the near future, but I thought that this reactor warranted discussion.
    Firstly, this reactor really needs the Reactor Control Addon.
    Unfortunately, this isn't out at the time of posting, but I managed to get it going through some rather neat redstone work.
    The idea is to keep the reactor at a set heat, using nuclear control to disable the reactor when the temp gets too high. You can set it to basically whatever you want though.
    Since the cooling is rather massive, (36 per gold heat vent is removed from the hull) the reactor is active a fair bit of the time for the rather large amount of heat produced.
    Through testing, I've found that it can run about (don't trust me on this!) a full cycle like this. Note that thats with the quad cells running out too quick.
    Note that the reactor temp has absolutely nothing to do with its cooldown.
    Because the Gold Vents always pull out any heat they can, the reactor hull temp can be 100 for the entire cycle. Its a rather nice way of avoiding some nasty environmental effects while getting high temps from a Mk 2.
    The gold vents never overheat, unless the cooling cells do too.
    The reason that this is both a Mk2 (I think, haven't done the math. At least close), and a Mk5 is that the Heat vents and Cooling cells follow the heat cycles of a Mk2, but the Reactor hull is basically a Mk5.
    This new system has so many possibilities.