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    Just wanted to le you know about a potential duplication glitch.
    If you use a tin ingot to make a tin plate, then use that plate in a metal former to make three cells, you can then macerate the cells to get three tin dusts.
    I guess everything is going on at once with new IC2 versions e.t.c.
    Thanks for making a great mod.

    "The thing that doesn't make sense to me, is I would think that if i downloaded the Tekkit Server setup in Sept, it would have been updated by now, and it also DOES save in my resource world"
    Thing is, don't be so sure.
    As far as I know, tekkit still has redpower in it. In fact, I use a regular minecraft jar and a tekkit jar because I rather like to experiment with frames now and then.
    This is why being able to customise a .minecraft is such a useful skill.
    Edit: Realised that answered nothing. Redpower hasn't been updated in a few months, which means tekkit may not have updated past 1.2.5, which means that the mod you're talking about (even if it has updated) won't be updated in tekkit.

    Hello again everyone.
    Well, currently, the luminator seems to have very few benefits and allot of drawbacks when compared to glowstone or redpower lamps.
    I was lurking in the crops area when I saw that crops are affected by access to direct sunlight.
    I was thinking that having crops react in the same way to luminators as they do to sunlight could cause luminators to get more use, especially in concealed and underground bases.
    You could possibly even have them give a greater bonus to crop growth than usual.
    I don't know much about actually programming, but I picked up a little from lurking around here, and I know that the vanilla skymap is used to decide whether crops can see the sky to reduce lag.
    Since iterative processes are rather irrelevant (like the scanners), as long as they do not occur every tick, I was thinking that the crop could search for a nearby luminator whenever its light level changes to reduce lag issues.
    Anyway, thoughts, suggestions?

    A bit of stuff I've found.
    1. Scatter doesn't work. It breaks the deployer, probably because the beam comes from too far back.
    2. Using retrievers, you can pull the lasers out to recharge in an mfe.
    3. As far as I know, you can't get one side covered in deployers. Same problem as block breakers.
    4. The best configuration that I have found involves placing the deployers in rings, each one lower than the next, so that each deployer has two sides showing. It has its flaws though, which I'll get to.
    5. You can get deployers down and powered if you use sorting machines to help with the logistics.
    6. You can change the mode in your hand before putting the laser in and it will stay in that mode.

    The system I'm working on at the moment has a few parts.
    it has a head of 3 sets of 8 deployers, each using a specific colour from redpower and redstone pipes for activation.
    Each one of those has its own soring machine, which is triggered from a delayed signal from an item detector right before the chest the sorting machine is connected to. I.e. the laser comes down the pipe, goes throught the item detector, gives off a signal and activates a repeater, gets put in a chest, and when the sorting machine activates it pulls the laser out of the chest.
    I've set also set up a recharge area, but thats a bit more complicated and not finished yet.
    The biggest flaw with some configurations is that the pipes connect to more than one deployer, and this means that you have to relay solely upon redpowers tube routing to make sure each one gets only one laser.
    So, a design:
    :MFE-Transmitter: frame
    :Wind Mill: deployer
    :Glass Fibre: tube
    :Compressor: nothing
    Top layer:
    :Glass Fibre:
    Layer 2:
    :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter:
    :MFE-Transmitter: :Wind Mill: :MFE-Transmitter:
    :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter:
    Layer 3:
    :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre:
    :Glass Fibre: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :Glass Fibre:
    :Glass Fibre: :Wind Mill: :Compressor: :Wind Mill: :Glass Fibre:
    :Glass Fibre: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :Glass Fibre:
    :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre:
    Layer 4:
    :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter:
    :MFE-Transmitter: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :MFE-Transmitter:
    :MFE-Transmitter: :Wind Mill: :Compressor: :Compressor: :Compressor: :Wind Mill: :MFE-Transmitter:
    :MFE-Transmitter: :Wind Mill: :Compressor: :Compressor: :Compressor: :Wind Mill: :MFE-Transmitter:
    :MFE-Transmitter: :Wind Mill: :Compressor: :Compressor: :Compressor: :Wind Mill: :MFE-Transmitter:
    :MFE-Transmitter: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :MFE-Transmitter:
    :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter:

    This design will give you a 5*5 set of deployers, in a 7*7 area.

    Yeah. I know.
    It just allows a balanced CASUC implementation, that's all.
    TBH, I had thought of suggesting this before the reactor system was released, but I thought that something like this would be possible anyway.
    When I found out everything is done by % now, I thought I should put it out there.
    Its an idea to note down for reference later, after all the reactor playing and (probably) other more important features.

    Hi there.
    Been experimenting a little, and found a neat little set up.
    At this point, I know that any reactor designs made now are unlikely to be too useful in the near future, but I thought that this reactor warranted discussion.
    Firstly, this reactor really needs the Reactor Control Addon.
    Unfortunately, this isn't out at the time of posting, but I managed to get it going through some rather neat redstone work.
    The idea is to keep the reactor at a set heat, using nuclear control to disable the reactor when the temp gets too high. You can set it to basically whatever you want though.
    Since the cooling is rather massive, (36 per gold heat vent is removed from the hull) the reactor is active a fair bit of the time for the rather large amount of heat produced.
    Through testing, I've found that it can run about (don't trust me on this!) a full cycle like this. Note that thats with the quad cells running out too quick.
    Note that the reactor temp has absolutely nothing to do with its cooldown.
    Because the Gold Vents always pull out any heat they can, the reactor hull temp can be 100 for the entire cycle. Its a rather nice way of avoiding some nasty environmental effects while getting high temps from a Mk 2.
    The gold vents never overheat, unless the cooling cells do too.
    The reason that this is both a Mk2 (I think, haven't done the math. At least close), and a Mk5 is that the Heat vents and Cooling cells follow the heat cycles of a Mk2, but the Reactor hull is basically a Mk5.
    This new system has so many possibilities.

    With all the complaints about Casuc reactors, I thought I wold suggest a new Reactor Item.
    Essentially, it would take all the heat it has in it and put it into an adjacent Item.
    I imagined it as having an arrow on it pointing a specific direction, but I'm not sure if this is implementable (only one set of damage values, or something)
    It would allow a reactor to use up coolant cells in the same way as a Casuc used to use water buckets, albeit slower.
    An example set up:
    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser:
    :Intergrated Plating: :Coolant Cell: :Intergrated Plating:
    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser:
    :Intergrated Plating: = New Item
    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: = Heat source (dispenser, cell, e.t.c.)
    :Coolant Cell: =Coolant Cell
    Imagine arrows on the :Intergrated Plating: pointing towards the cell.
    In this case, the heat source would put heat into the new item, which would then put it into the cell.
    The reason this item is different from a normal heat dispenser is that it would put ALL of its heat int the cell, thus overheating the cell and breaking it while keeping the reactor cool.
    I would suggest some sort of high end recipe, with ingredients such as Lapus, Glowstone, Advanced circuits and maybe even a ender pearl if you are so inclined.
    It does break the laws of thermodynamics after all.
    Because this item could move heat at a set rate, its power level could be controlled, and would add another aspect to reactors (which can only really be a good thing, if it is balanced).
    I know its a bit early to be suggesting new things, but I thought I would put it out there before I forgot it.

    It appears that there may have been an oversight with the new reactor code.
    The Double and Quadruple Uranium cells seem to run out twice and four times as fast.
    According to this thread:
    [1.106] Reactor Components Summary
    It seems its not just me, either.
    Obviously its not a huge issue, but it does sort of make these cells useless.
    I know that the system is done using NBT - data (whatever that is. Wow) and the damage values are just percentages, but that should mean the damage values are changing at the same rate regardless.
    According to NEI, anyway, they aren't.
    I've also run two reactors side by side, and the normal uranium cell appears to last much longer.
    Even so, loving the new reactors.
    P.s. There seems to be a fair few bugs, between E net ghosts and Reactor bugs. Personally, I wouldn't mind just a hotfix instead of a whole new release with new features.

    I am just wondering.
    Is it just me or do the quad Uranium Cells run out 4 times as fast?
    Nei Seems to support this, as does running two reactors side by side.
    If they do, that could mean that running a normal cell is more efficient.
    According to my math, anyway.
    Thanks Guys.

    Just made a 600 eu/tick reactor based off gold vents.
    They have definitely not been nerfed.
    I have to say, the IC2 developers have outdone themselves this time.
    The amount of possible combinations and permutations that are all completely valid is incredible.
    Safety, Power, Run Length, Efficiency, Breeding, Explosion Size, Environmental effects, Resource costs...
    This is what Nuclear engineering is about.
    P.s. Try removing the heat from Gold Vents. If you can get it to work, it is so worth it.

    Or, you could use a detector cable, in combination with a batbox set to emit redstone when full, to tell the pump to activate whenever the geogen is empty and the batbox isn't full.
    BTW, if you do it right, you don't lose a single eu :D
    There is an example attached.
    This setup only pulls in lava whenever there is a demand for eu, and the geogen isn't already going.
    P.s. there is a torch underneath the pump, and I hate using timers. too laggy and unreliable.

    With regard to the supercoductors, I just thought I would suggest a slightly different method of keeping them cool.
    Maybe you could have a block that pumps the coolant into it?
    If you have the coding ability, you could possibly even have the cables resemble redpower liquid tubes or buildcraft waterproof pipes.
    If you did that, you could use a recipe like this:
    c a c
    c a c
    c a c
    Where a is anything you want, for balance reasons, and c stands for cell.
    The coolant block could act a bit like the accelerators from redpower.
    Just an idea.
    you could possibly even use the coolant block as a part of the recipes for the lasers, or as a required block to keep them cool.
    you could also use them to cool down nuclear reactors?

    If you check the comments in the blog, Alblaka did mention that you could use a full stack of diamonds to make a reactor.
    "diamond cladded plating"?
    Personally, I think its possible that the first word is diamond, since we haven't seen anything else using them.
    p.s. I CANNOT WAIT :D

    I think that the current implementation you re suggesting is a little OP, due to the fact there is no trade off.
    At the moment, you just add in the reflector, and you have increased your efficiency and power output without any real cost.
    There are two ways I personally think that this could be improved.
    1. Have the reflector degrade. This would allow it to be relatively balanced, and the rate at which it degrades culd be controlled ( 1 2 3 Uranium cycles e.t.c.)
    2. My personal favourite... have the reflector emit heat.
    This would allow you to trade power output for efficiency, as it is limited by the heat it outputs.
    It would also make efficiency five casucs possible.
    If you took the second option, you could probably have it emit so much heat per pulse of a nearby reactor cell, probably using a similar coding method as the depleted uranium cells.
    So, in the suggestion submitted, you could have the cell emit 50 heat , and the reflectors emit 4*H (where H is a value set for balance reasons).
    After all, no reflector would be perfectly efficient, right? And even if they were, meh, minecraft physics.

    Hi there.
    I'm a bit of a fan of this sort of thing myself.
    If your using redpower, you can use a relay (in the most recent release of IC) next to the miner to put stuff into tubes.
    Also, if your familiar with sided inventories, the top is the input for the pipes slot, so if you want to put more pipes in then put them in through the top.
    Note: do not put a relay directly above the miner facing down, as the relay will fill up with ores and not output your pipes nicely.
    hope that helps!
    p.s. a relay is an item that has a three by three slot and puts anything in that slot into a tube in front of it. the miner fills up the slot, the relay puts it into pipes.