1.106 Errors report

  • Hi, this is an error report:

    :Reactor: The reactor don't work,
    The machines hasn't got any sound
    The explosions for overload only make a lot of smoke.
    The Night Vision Goggles don't have sking and make you blind whether it is day or night.

    And, I don't know if it's your fault but the buildcraft mod don't introduce correctly the element into the machines.
    The world edit don't recognize the industrial elements.

  • 1. Reactor will not working without redstone signal.
    2. Yeah, sounds are bugged.
    3. See above.
    4. Will work only in 1.4.0.

    5. I don't know...
    6. Maybe world edit does not support Industrial Craft2.

  • what about reading changelog and devblog and maybe forum?

    everything already reported and answered.