[v1.1.06][Bug] Boost key doesn't work in SMP.

  • As the titles says the boost key doesn't work for me in my server that I have, yes I have to bound to a key that isn't conflicting, and I am pressing it. I also turned off the setting to only boost the quantum leggings when sprinting. The thing is, when I set the boost when sprinting option to true the leggings work fine, but when I use the boost key to jump with the boots, I jump the normal height. Same thing happens when I set the sprinting option to false, it doesn't boost the legs when I press the key. I have no idea what is causing this issue. No error log because it doesn't crash.

    Edit: Also it works just fine in SP.

  • Yeah, I saw a different post about the same thing, which I didn't see when I was looking around before I posted this, and you had commented on it. Thanks though for not being an ass and saying that there's another thread.