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    I'm programmatically adding an extractor recipe like so:

    1. Recipes.extractor.addRecipe(Recipes.inputFactory.forFluidContainer(FluidRegistry.WATER), null, false, GradientItems.SALT.getItemStack(4));

    The recipe shows up in the extractor's recipe list, but the extractor refuses to accept the bucket/cell/whatever of water.

    I've traced through the code, and it seems to be because of the following code in InvSlotProcessable:

    1. ItemStack tmp = StackUtil.copyWithSize(stack, 2147483647);

    In MachineRecipeHelper, if the input item is a container item, it checks to see if the input item's stack size is equal to that of the recipe. With the input item's stack size being adjusted to 2147483647, this is, of course, always false.

    Am I doing something wrong here, or is this a bug in IC2?

    I'm having trouble getting the industrial blast furnace working... it's supposed to be a 3x3 structure, 4 blocks tall, made out of any machine casings, right? I have a mix of standard and reinforced casings, with the blast furnace on the bottom row, and it says it's missing casings.

    Like this:

    Downgrading IC2 fixed the fluid error. Now I'm getting this:

    I think you can decrease number of mods, which dont fit to each other....for example, all RF mods and so...then you will have better times, more stability and maybe also some balance in gameplay :)

    I could, but I would rather keep the mods. There are a lot, but they're fairly well-balanced and all used. Is there any way to relax the unification rules at all?

    Are you sure the autooutput is toggled (the button that is a box with an arrow is pressed)?

    It isn't that it's not outputting the smelted result to other machines. It isn't getting smelted at all. The progress bar reaches full, but nothing happens (other than starting to smelt the next thing.)

    It was working perfectly before I updated to the latest version. Nothing at all has changed since then other than updating. I can guarantee it because I haven't been playing, or even had my server turned on.

    Edit: okay, here's something... If I disable the autooutput button, it works. But there's nothing around it to auto-output to, and it's never been a problem before.

    It's not possible because we use host names and default port :(

    Report: Spawnx is saying tungsten dust can be used in a normal furnace.... I never touched the settings so what gives? Bug or?

    It is possible. A host name isn't tied to a port, is perfectly valid. All you'd have to do is forward port 8080 to port 25565. Also, HTTPS uses 443 by default, not 8080.

    I had some problems of machines disconnecting when there is a loop in the wire network (aka 2 equal routes for the same machine).

    There's only a single, straight wire on my main machine line. I'm also having a thermal gen disconnecting from a batbox it's directly up against. It's just every GT machine disconnecting from the enet whenever they unload