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  • I know that I'm not the windmill guru on the forum but I whipped up a spread sheet just to check the numbers and see things like total output per tower with the 4+1 cable setup and noticed if you add and extra obstruction on every layer above the very top tower for 4 layers you can set the top windmill at 185 and the top 5 windmills will at most produce 4.98 eu/t.

    Imagine the towers look like this as a cross section:
    :Tesla Coil: :Wind Mill: :Tesla Coil:
    :Wind Mill: :Glass Fibre: :Wind Mill:
    :Tesla Coil: :Wind Mill: :Tesla Coil:
    with :Tesla Coil: = Air.

    If you add no windmill tower cap the max height of the top tower is 161 for completely safe running. A tower of 16 produces 76.24/t on average. (Calculated at Wind Strength 15)

    If you add addition 4 layers of 5 blocks on top of the top layer of wind mills in the same shape as the tower itself the maximum height is 181 (not counting the cap) producing 97.84 eu/t on average for a tower of 16.

    But if you add 6 blocks on for each layer above the top tower you can get the top 5 to max at the same virtual height meaning you can bump the tower to 185 for the highest windmill and produce 102.16 eu/t on average for a tower of 16 all running completely safely.

    You could possibly make it more effective by trying to balance out the effective height of each windmill but at this point the next one to blow besides the top 5 is the bottom one so it could get messy.

    Edit 1: The height of the bottom windmill would be 170 on a tower of 16 if you would like to build this yourself.

    Edit 2: Darn spreadsheet didn't remind that its not always a thunderstorm outside, averages are now fixed.

    Edited 2 times, last by Zinabas: Missing a small piece of info, and forgot to remove thunderstorms from the average <.<. ().

  • I based if off your post but the point there being everyone does exactly what your post says and with the addition of 4 useless blocks on top of the tower you can increase the income by about 7% or so.

  • Just messed with it and with 1 additional block on the top 3 windmills as well you can bump it to 188 with 104.32 eu/t average. Also the averages above are off yet again because I forgot to put 2 cables beneath the tower of 16 so subtract .24 eu/t from them to compensate if you really want to be scientific.

    I think its a reasonable upgrade from 97.6 eu/t to 104.32 eu/t. I'm surprised I was the first to catch it honestly.

    On a 16 tall tower, my design is running 9 of 16 on each side at maximum safe efficiency.

    Edit 1: Screenshots added, as promised.

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    I bet your design works, but for singular towers.
    Once you try making more, it becomes a real big problem as you have to calculate obstructions to all windmills on all sides... etc.

  • Actually you just make the towers in pairs like in the screenshot. The extra obstructions affect only the towers its between. So you need an extra 7 blocks for every 2 towers.

  • I see a problem, you need a 5 space gap and 7 obstruction on each tower, otherwise the side closest to the other one gets the obstructions but none of the others will and run the risk of coming apart.

    So a slight modification to yours no a in place replacement. 5 tower spacing 7 extra blocks down 1 side of each tower and a max height of 188.

  • space efficiency decreased for more effciency per windmill entirely optional. I would like to note that it is now 8 wide total gap 3 for the tower and 5 between them, so you can fit 4 of these perfectly in each chunk :) but I'm OCD so even numbers are always a plus for me.