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    I appreciate the forge team, I really do, but I was referring to the mod authors that use forge. I only used a few mods before forge came along and made it where if I wanted to change mods quickly I could and if I wanted more than 1 they generally worked together or atleast didn't interfere. Forge mods are what made me want to start modding, because before that, it was 1 mod or a whole lot of headaches trying to get the to work properly.

    I feel like I need to throw my 2 cents in now. If I make a mod, its my mod, if you don't like what I do with it, don't use it. If I ever mod, it'll be a mod like BTW from flower. My rules, for my Minecraft. I won't be hurting any users, because honestly I'm the only person I'm designing if for. If I take your input when designing my mod, that's fine but its still my mod. The only time anyone else gets to any claim to my mod is if I use their code and then its our mod not yours. So if you honestly have this much of a problem with someone else's mod, please feel free to run Minecraft without it, last I checked its still stable enough to run without modification.

    (For those of you that still think you have any claim to what a mod does just because you use it.)
    If you walk on to my yard, do you get to say what I do in it? No, even though you're using the same yard as me, its still my yard so I can use and do with it whatever I want. Take your complaints to the police about my "no trespassing" sign, and they will laugh. Remove the "no trespassing" sign does nothing to help you, I still said you weren't allowed in my yard without my permission.

    I've been thinking of getting into modding for quite some time, and besides a few select mod authors like Al and his team, Azanor, and Spacetoad (or as I like to call them, the Forge Crew) the only thing that goes in my mod is what I want. The funny point in all of that is that none of them will have much to say about my mod, they're too busy making their own.

    Ok so storage redstone is "working" emtpy batbox turns on nuclear reactor directly next to it. BUT! It will not update actual redstone connected to it. Not unless I place something down nearby. Seems you've fixed the redstone but it doesn't trigger an update event for nearby blocks so while IC2 machines read it correctly actual redstone doesn't.

    You can kinda work around this by having a redstone clock setup nearby. It'll trigger it to update.

    Actually making a IC2 utility application in C# right now. Tried C++ and gave up on teaching my self a programming language, found C# and its relatively simple then.


    Reactor 6:

    • Link: Mark I EA*
    • Eu/tick: 140
    • Efficiency: 7 (Uses neutron reflectors)
    • Cost: Iron 238, Copper 446, Tin 128, Gold 50
    • Credits: Rick

    I want see that one removed for mine .

    His - 718/128/238/50/43/64/20/2/2/4
    Mine - 550/96/117/46/43/48/20/2/2/4

    Mine's cheaper or equal on every resource.

    His is efficiency 7 vs my 6.
    So is 4 million EU worth 168 copper, 32 tin, 121 iron, 4 gold, and 12 Coal?

    It'd take more than a few cycles to generate the difference in UU with his reactor.

    Already posted it once, figured I'd do it one more time as the resource costs have been updated.

    Edit 1: Just decided to check the UU cost difference between mine and yours, its 226 UU.

    you could do a splitting T tree

    :MFS-Unit: :Tesla Coil: :MFS-Unit:
    :Glass Fibre: :Reactor: :Glass Fibre:
    :MFS-Unit: :Tesla Coil: :MFS-Unit:

    :MFS-Unit: :Glass Fibre: :MFS-Unit: :Tesla Coil: :MFS-Unit: :Glass Fibre: :MFS-Unit:
    :Tesla Coil: :Glass Fibre: :Tesla Coil: :Tesla Coil: :Tesla Coil: :Glass Fibre: :Tesla Coil:
    :Tesla Coil: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Reactor: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Tesla Coil:
    :Tesla Coil: :Glass Fibre: :Tesla Coil: :Tesla Coil: :Tesla Coil: :Glass Fibre: :Tesla Coil:
    :MFS-Unit: :Glass Fibre: :MFS-Unit: :Tesla Coil: :MFS-Unit: :Glass Fibre: :MFS-Unit:

    Every MSFU would be the same wire length and the same amount of intersections away, might require a full set to function properly otherwise you still might have one getting overloaded before the others because its opposite MFSU isn't catching any EU/t that it should be. If you do do it that way, it should work flawlessly for balancing power.

    <.< with all the Mk I's floating around find one that outputs the amount of energy you need (should match the tier of the adjacent storage block or less) and set it up like so. Viola! It runs til it fills up the storage block and then shuts itself off. Good for backup power when you've been overclocked macerating everything your miner just dug up or just want to refill that MSFU you just dumped into the Matter Fabricator. Click the button and it'll safely shut down within ~1 tick of the storage filling up, and will continue to run if you are pulling power out of it.

    BatBox Tier Reactor 20eu/t 2EFF
    Might be good for an off-base charging station.

    MFE Tier Reactor 100eu/t 3.33EFF
    Getting above that is more complicated, and prefer to keep the reactors chamberless for this idea.

    MSFU Tier Reactor x5 = 497eu/t 3.33EFF
    Any MK I should do for an MSFU, but 5 MFE 0 chamber reactors connected like screenshot 2 should work and output 497eu/t which is almost enough to saturate the output. You can actually setup multiples of the screenshot and have it fill to the MSFU faster than the it can deplete itself guaranteeing shutoff even with a load on the MSFU.

    Those reactors are self designed and there might be better ones on the Reactors thread but I wanted to match the output to the tier's capacity. Any reactor can be setup like this as long as the detector cable is adjacent to it or one of the chambers but I was experimenting with the idea of one directly coupled to the storage block to pull power from the reactor as a back up charge and having a green power source fill it in times of low/no load.

    Theoretically when storage redstone is working properly you'd be able to setup a self-filling storage block with "Emit when empty" as the trigger, and then the reactor will hold itself on until the storage is full. Drain it, rinse lather repeat.

    I'd like to report my Ghost E-Net is gone as well, I can break my machine supply cables and the MFE's energy stores start immediately decreasing from the Induc Furnace. Thanks for the updates guys, now I can go back to terraforming and mining without worring about server stop/starting everytime I move the cables.

    space efficiency decreased for more effciency per windmill entirely optional. I would like to note that it is now 8 wide total gap 3 for the tower and 5 between them, so you can fit 4 of these perfectly in each chunk :) but I'm OCD so even numbers are always a plus for me.

    I see a problem, you need a 5 space gap and 7 obstruction on each tower, otherwise the side closest to the other one gets the obstructions but none of the others will and run the risk of coming apart.

    So a slight modification to yours no a in place replacement. 5 tower spacing 7 extra blocks down 1 side of each tower and a max height of 188.

    Actually you just make the towers in pairs like in the screenshot. The extra obstructions affect only the towers its between. So you need an extra 7 blocks for every 2 towers.

    I'm only going to say this once, 1.3 Release is one of the buggiest releases in a while, the only reason the base version of Minecraft works properly is because the official team knew it was coming for quite some time, and took the old server and attached an autologin hook to the client. Forge itself seems to have more issues than IC2 does right now because they had to makes 2 builds into 1. The only 2 bugs I know of right now in IC2 are the cable ends have some funky physics and update issues and Storage blocks redstone not working, and I can't say for sure that either of those isn't some broken forge code in the background instead of an actually IC2 bug.

    As far as I know IC2 is one of the only Forge mods of any note that went ahead and did a full "stable" release. Redpower 2 - In Development, EE2(EE3) - In Development, Buildcraft - Pre-Release, Thaumcraft 3 - In Development.

    Notice the similarities there, the only one not still stuck in Universal Forge hell has the biggest development team related to Minecraft besides Forge and well Minecraft.

    Give them a while and all the minor things should clear out like Baton Rouge 4 days after Mardi Gras.

    Just messed with it and with 1 additional block on the top 3 windmills as well you can bump it to 188 with 104.32 eu/t average. Also the averages above are off yet again because I forgot to put 2 cables beneath the tower of 16 so subtract .24 eu/t from them to compensate if you really want to be scientific.

    I think its a reasonable upgrade from 97.6 eu/t to 104.32 eu/t. I'm surprised I was the first to catch it honestly.

    On a 16 tall tower, my design is running 9 of 16 on each side at maximum safe efficiency.

    Edit 1: Screenshots added, as promised.

    I based if off your post but the point there being everyone does exactly what your post says and with the addition of 4 useless blocks on top of the tower you can increase the income by about 7% or so.

    I know that I'm not the windmill guru on the forum but I whipped up a spread sheet just to check the numbers and see things like total output per tower with the 4+1 cable setup and noticed if you add and extra obstruction on every layer above the very top tower for 4 layers you can set the top windmill at 185 and the top 5 windmills will at most produce 4.98 eu/t.

    Imagine the towers look like this as a cross section:
    :Tesla Coil: :Wind Mill: :Tesla Coil:
    :Wind Mill: :Glass Fibre: :Wind Mill:
    :Tesla Coil: :Wind Mill: :Tesla Coil:
    with :Tesla Coil: = Air.

    If you add no windmill tower cap the max height of the top tower is 161 for completely safe running. A tower of 16 produces 76.24/t on average. (Calculated at Wind Strength 15)

    If you add addition 4 layers of 5 blocks on top of the top layer of wind mills in the same shape as the tower itself the maximum height is 181 (not counting the cap) producing 97.84 eu/t on average for a tower of 16.

    But if you add 6 blocks on for each layer above the top tower you can get the top 5 to max at the same virtual height meaning you can bump the tower to 185 for the highest windmill and produce 102.16 eu/t on average for a tower of 16 all running completely safely.

    You could possibly make it more effective by trying to balance out the effective height of each windmill but at this point the next one to blow besides the top 5 is the bottom one so it could get messy.

    Edit 1: The height of the bottom windmill would be 170 on a tower of 16 if you would like to build this yourself.

    Edit 2: Darn spreadsheet didn't remind that its not always a thunderstorm outside, averages are now fixed.

    EFF 6-2 Chamber-Mk 1

    C-342 T-96 I-177 G-46

    120 EU/t

    The key note on this one is its only 3 blocks and outputs MV so its also one less transformer if you don't have an MFSU.

    Did prelimnary testing and it seems to collect minimal heat.

    Its gold expensive but much easier on the normal metals than bards EFF 7 one which is what I was trying to improve. Thank the 2 chamber design on that one.