Cable Covers

  • As I have seen many people say on youtube, and irl. Covers for cables would be amazing.

    Much like the covers BC have developed, or say Eloraam, they would come in alot of handy when trying to hide your cables. As we all know, cables all over your house looks ugly, not because of the texture, but because of the amount you have, and how they get trailed through your home.
    For example, If IC2 devs were to work with Eloraam, and say; make her covers compatable with IC2 cables so they worked (Not creative a small block on top of the cable) this would greatly improve asthetics, and also make alot of people not have to make huge alternate roots to make their cables invisible. This would same time, space and even cables (As we dont have to make complicated systems to hide them)
    This idea is pretty out there, as we all know IC2 devs and Eloraam are all very busy with their mods adding cool new stuff for us; the consumers of their mods; to use, but I see this idea crop up alot, and whether it be added or not, it would still be a great addition to the mod.


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  • What does it mean by "which is explosion resistant and paintable." Does that only mean paintable with colours?
    The idea I had in mind about covers were like those in RP2. Covers that allow cables to go through them, and not do what the foam does. I can see where you are coming from, but it looks like the foam is a single texture block, and only that texture, which would still make a house look ugly if you were to cover the cables up. Atleast the RP2 covers allow you to disguise your pipes and make it look part of your home.

    If there is no power coming from your solar panels; and its sunny outside. Blame the enderman!
    If all is not lost, where is it?
    Mod Developer.

  • When CFoam gains the ability to be re-textured as blocks of similar appearances, then I believe your request can be met...

    But I honestly doubt that the dev team is working on that feature atm (if at all, that is)...

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  • This has already been suggested before many times, please use the kinda hidden search function.
    [Suggestion] RedPower Cover Cables
    Suggestion: IC² Cables being able to be hidden with RP's Covers,etc.
    [Suggestion] Make RedPower covers and cables placeable within same block

    About suggestion :
    Sorry but that would require either a major overhaul of IC² wires and stuff or making RP2 a prerequisite. [which is not good]. It is impossible to do it now.
    If you want "walls of cables" use Construction Foam as mistaqur said.

    My suggestion about covers:
    If cables could be disguised the same way IC1 "Cable Obscurator" did, it would be cool =D.