IC2 (1.106) Generator Crafting Crash and Rubber Treesapling disappear

  • Hello dear IC2 Team
    When i played on a friends server(we're using IC2/BC and Forestry Mods) when i tried to put a rubber tree sapling on the ground it dissappeared after a few seconds.
    But minecraft didnt crash. The crash is another bug where i crafted a generator and in the moment i picked it from the crafting grid my minecraft crashed and now everytime i try to connect to the server again i get this crash log


    Before the restart of minecraft i got this error (this was the first crash)

    Sorry for my bad english i'm from germany and thanks for the help

  • Try reinstalling things and make sure your config files are correct. I've never seen this issue and as far as I know, neither has anyone else. I'm fairly sure something went wrong on your end.