Suggestion: a troubleshooter block that logs all EU packets it recieves... up to a configurable limit

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    EU packet logger
    Description (sorry, but I don't do short "describtions"):
    First, some background on the source of this suggestion:
    I recently had some trouble with a geothermal generator not working for me and i could not figure out why. I tried using an EU reader, but it didn't help. It only shows the average between two points in time for the same block. Not bad if your just trying to figure out how much your slightly conservative CASUC reactor is producing but when your trying to troubleshoot, it's not much help. Take my geo-gen issue, which is resolved fortunately, for instance (I didn't know my geo-gen was too far away. I just knew it was shutting down like it wasn't connected). See the bug-shooting HERE.
    Now the actual description:
    I was thinking of a block that would log the first 20 (or configurable) individual EU packets that come to it in a tick and store a few seconds (definition of a few is also configurable) of this log in the tile entity data or something. It should be possible to force EU to come through it by making it the only route and causing it to act like a very small storage block.
    DC :Cable: DC
    :Cable: :EC Meter: :Cable:
    DC :Cable: DC
    (DC is (EU) detector cable)
    Any moderator input (like if my post has some sort of rule-breaking or other problem I somehow missed on preview), support, questions, comments, suggestion-enhancing-suggestions, hate posts (if you're looking to get reported), other?

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  • This suz! Kril it wif fyire!

    Just kidding, this would be very helpful. Maybe disabling it emitting energy, and/or not giving it an internal storage, or acting like a wire, or something. (To nerf it and allow a cheap recipe for a debug item. We don't want the debug becoming the new standard for use...)

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  • I'm glad you liked it and I agree that the idea should be nerfed. I think it needs to act like something that accepts power (which is where the storage idea came from) so that it doesn't get ignored if you put it at the end of the line or, in my case, in line with something that isn't sending power, but maybe it could just be like a void pipe for energy, or better yet, give it a configurable option much like the redstone behavior button to switch between wire and void. I think it should also have a way to trigger it to start and stop counting using redstone, and maybe send a redstone pulse for any ticks for which the packet size exceeds X EU/p, and again, this would be a setting on the GUI. Looks like anyone planning to implement this is going to have some fun (well... its fun for us)

  • I like this suggestion, because it can really help with with finding bugs and reporting them to the developer team.

    +1 :)

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