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    such users provide exelent bug reports about ENET GHOSTS, devs definely need there helhp.

    hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaaaa (continues 2 hours) i knew you would bring that one up.

    just to make myself feel good again, il explain it to you.
    1. used search function for draining eu storage, (not ghost e net as popular name)
    2. browsed around an bit. didn't find anything.

    3. posted bug and how to recreate it.
    4. found out its already known.
    5. read alblaka's new bug report system and forwarded it as instructed in that post.
    6. profit :D

    now i feel good again :D HAYO!

    I have the same problem, but without using WeedEx.
    Crossbreeded plant descreasing its stats.

    the new stats of the plant are calculated from both parent plants, sometimes they drop. sometimes they rise. i have seen this many times in my 1 chunk large ferru farm

    let me just explain why i put this here,

    Keep in mind that there are some folks that are not as bright as us, it would be beneficial for those people to have an short howto. that's why i put this here.

    since there is no interest in this, requesting an lock please :)

    Hello folks,

    I have been thinking about the new Mantis bug reporting system, it took me over 2 hours to figure it all out. but i would like some more information in the form of an howto manual, i am sure it will cause a lot of confusion for an lot of IC2 users.

    just an little bit more information would be nice, such as:

    - how to track all known bugs.
    - how to properly assist in fixing bugs.

    just an small FAQ or manual, would prevent an lot of confusion i think.

    right, that wil just mess up my clicking :P

    in aprox 5 minutes i wil try to clean my mouse with some pressured air (+/- 7 bar)

    since i work on an ship, i got easy acces to that kind of equipment, hell. i could even blow it with an 30 bar burst! (main engine start air)

    il let you know if it worked

    edit: wel that didnt work... still double click problem, both left and right buttons.

    Hey folks,

    not sure if anyone has experienced this before but my mouse is sometimes (1/5 clicks) double clicking or even triple when i hit the right-left buttons once. as you might imagine, REALY FUCKING annoying when playing mc and building something XD

    sollutions tried:

    - throw the mouse out of annoyance through the room. surprise! didn't work
    - buy an new mouse! worked for 3-4 weeks, then problem returned.
    - google, yea right. horses speak clearer language then google's sollutions.

    if somebody knows how to fix it i would greatly appreciate it,

    wel Dauntles, i see you took my advice and made an suggestion for it.

    as i stated before, i would support the weather vane, but i dont know if it is an good idea to add this to solars and/or water mills. but it would be an more chalanging way to use green energy.

    i like it aswel, nowadays when i need to retrieve alot of items in one go. i simply activate magnet mode for an moment, and presto. its done,

    relatively easy to code i think, EE also has an item which does an similar function (its only lubriciously expensive)

    Interesting. I will play more with obstructed and non-obstructed mills. I wish there was a machine or something you can build (maybe a weather vane or whatever) that measures wind. Not the most useful thing but would be nice to have. Is there something else that needs to be done to help report this bug as its being confirmed by enough people or what?

    an wind vane? u mean like in an control tool or applicable placed block?

    anyway, i smell an good suggestion there. special tool for measuring wind strength, just like the miner uses an scanner to scan for ores, i suggest if you really like this to work it out and make an suggestion. i have an feeling it might just be implemented. (also helps for debugging.)

    okey, to topic. have you tried breaking the cable and replacing it, and restart the game? most of the bugs i get with things like that get solved by doing this. only temp.

    i can see this not working on an server, but il do some testings. if i find anything unusual ill add it here with some information.

    nite nite ;)